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Mayor Michael Nutter: Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? All Thumbs? by Liz S. Patient Expert I’m working on a story right now about Philadelphia’s mayor and the fact that everyone thinks he’s Satan incarnate. I’m wondering if any of my local readers would be interested in commenting on how they think Nutter is doing
"TEXTING THUMBS" Soon to be Known as TWITTERING THUMBS! by Dr. David Trybus Doctor of ChiropractyHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine cannot. Texting thumbs is a problem that is beginning to show up in adults more prevalently.  Since the onslaught of video games, kids have complained of the sore "thumb syndrome"  leaving parents to laugh...
Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down by Angie All The Way Patient Expert Thumbs Up: Farmer’s Market fresh whole wheat roll, fresh FM greens, Fox Hill jalapeno gouda... food that kept me going for HOURS. Thumbs Down: I have the last of the Vega packets...
Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down by Wendi Patient Expert go in much for sight gags and really immature stuff. Even with the thumbs up from EW, I wasn’t convinced..., but it was much more action-packed and it was VERY funny.  Two big thumbs up from Wendi and Dave. * * * Finally, I had one...
Bisphenol-a Safe: FDA Gives BPA Thumbs Up or No Thumbs Down by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy Got to say I'm somewhat surprised the FDA didn't red-lightBPA on Tuesday. I expected a more cautious approach given the National Toxicology gave it the thumbs down. And the study out of Britain...
Green thumb, dumb thumb by Genevieve .. Patient Expert Okay, I give in. I don’t have a green thumb, I have a dumb thumb. It’s taken....” “This is it, another of your attempts at being a green thumb I’ve got to clean up. When are you going to learn?” “Well...
New Brunswick Autism Services: Pre-School 2 Thumbs Up, School 1 Up & 1 Down, Adult Care 2 Thumbs Down by Harold L D. Patient Expert with the following rating: Pre-school autism services - 2 thumbs up, School services - 1 thumb up and 1 thumb down, Adult autism services - 2 thumbs down.   Dr. Kennedy's assessment was, in the opinion of this autism...
Time to Plant Tom Thumb Lettuce Now. by TopVeg !. Patient Expert Now is the time to plant Tom Thumb Lettuce seed on the kitchen window sill for an early homegrown... out gradually, but keep them about 15cm (6in) apart. Tom Thumb is the smallest lettuce. compact, solid...
Is there typically a charge for the picking or does it cut your costs since it's saving them work? I've never heard of this before. How exciting. I want to find a whole bunch of blueberries and freeze them. There's nothing yu
The symptoms you describe could be caused by a variety of conditions. Please make an appointment with your doctor soon.

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Complications ... re on the nerve in the wrist. It can cause aching, numbness and tingling in your thumb, fingers and, sometimes, part of the hand ... » Read on
Symptoms ... your lower forearm, pins and needles, or a tingling or burning sensation in your thumb, forefinger, middle ... » Read on