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I’m Megan im not your ordinary girl I’m not perfect, no one is im free-spirited,... More
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Buddha Belly Bites: Food for the soul. "You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have... More
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54-year-old married female living in Toronto (not California as indicated on my profile for some... More
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Hi Melo314- I would take a picture of the rash. I would also make an appointment with a doctor who is familiar with lyme disease. This is something you want to take care of right away. It's good you have caught this early.
Laura, A tick can only "bury" its head parts under a dog's skin.  The rest of the tick's body... of a biting fly that has grown under the skin.  Sometimes, you can see the larva moving through the hole...
NATIONAL DOG BITE PREVENTION WEEK by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven and professional associations in proclaiming this next seven days, May 17-23, 2009, as National Dog Bite Prevention... wouldn't tolerate their dog biting someone. Meanwhile, if you are the one being bitten by a dog...
Mosquito Bite Prevention by Dr. Erik McLaughlin Medical Doctor Mosquito Bite Prevention 700,000,000 people get a disease from a mosquito, each year..., dengue fever and filariasis. I say “bad girls” because on the female mosquito bites mammals. The growth...
It is no secret that I am a tick ... by Ken C. Patient Expert should have recognition for “itching for the cycle.” This would involve getting a mosquito bite, a tick and a chigger bite... It is no secret that I am a tick magnet. I can run five miles on trails, and collect the only two...
Mediterranean cruise death and tick fever by Dr. Erik McLaughlin Medical Doctor and many others. Transmission/Prevention:   Transmitted though the bite of an infected tick, body lice, or chigger.  Rocky....  Prevention is basic sanitation, prevention of bites through permethrin treated clothing and frequent tick...
Ticks by Ken C. Patient Expert their pinchers in and begin their feeding. While tick bites have some potential dangerous consequences, most of the time, an annoying itch and a small sore stays with you for a couple of weeks. But get a bite by tick...
Protect Yourself Against Tick-Borne Disease by FDA best-known serious diseases transmitted through tick bites in the U.S. Each year since 2002... is critical, because most cases of babesiosis can be prevented by avoiding tick bites," said Mark O...
How to safely and effectively control ticks. by Stephen Tvedten Patient Expert before they feed. Some tick bites appear as a right red spot surrounded by a purple ring. Try rolling a masking... of the tick into the wound. Apply an antiseptic to the bite. Save the tick in a small vial of alcohol...
Cat Flea and Tick Medicine by heru m. Patient Expert , sprays, dips and powders eliminate the problem and will instantly relieve your cat from biting ticks... Ticks and fleas are disease carriers; they transmit tapeworms and cause allergic reactions...

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Introduction ... led 'Borrelia burgdorferi'. The bacteria are spread by infected ticks (small, blood sucking ectoparasites) when they attach to y ... » Read on
Immunisations ... and can be fatal. Tick-borne encephalitis is usually spread by tick bites, although unpasteurized milk is also thought to be a ... » Read on