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Hi Friends! I am Emily Woodhouse. Im currently attending Cal Poly Pomona (3rd Year) as a Food... More
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Isabel Lizarazu grew up in a medical household in Bolivia, where her father is a highly respected... More

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There are many types of hernias seen in dogs and most of them probably would not be a good explanation for the blood in her stools.  You should have a thorough examination of her by your veterinarian
Bright Red Blood...... by Blue Ridge M. Patient Expert like she needed to use the bathroom and nothing but bright red blood came out. We get her into the truck and start... and see nothing but bright red blood. She does this twice more before we reach the ED. Her LOC (level...
What is a SUPERFOOD? Here are 10 super foods that will help minimize blood sugar and even throw your disease into reverse by Diabetic Chef .. Patient Expert Berries Berries of all kind! Brightly colored are high in antioxidants, Blueberries, strawberries...
29 Red Sox, blood eye, NaNoWriMo by Gevera Bert P. Patient Expert . So I have a bright red blood eye. Perfect for Halloween. It's 8:16 and NaNoWriMo starts in less than four hours.... The date they won: 10-27 10+2+7=19 and it was a full moon AND an eclipse (so the moon was blood red...
It's not a party until someone throws up by ANNGREGORY74 Patient Expert including blood work and a chest x-ray. My white blood cells were elevated and to put my mind at ease, Dr...
Bright Screens Could Harm Health by Len S. Patient Expert Hypnotension, the programme that helps people lower blood pressure naturally, has responded to news reported this week in the Guardian, that watching bright screens after dark may cause sleep loss...
The Red Wildlife of Sand Run Met ... by Sensationally Red Patient Expert The Red Wildlife of Sand Run Metro Park Bob, Debi and I decided to return to our native habitat... blood. Surely, this could not be good. Worry followed for the next few days until all the tests were run...
Is Eating Red Meat Really Bad For You? Is it Ethical? [The Brouhaha Over Red Meat Intensifies] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert surrounding red meat: Is it healthy? Is it humane? Is Eating Red Meat Bad For You? One of the things I’m... red meat. It’s so bad for you! But is it? For years the advice given...
My Eyes are Red by Naomi M. Patient Expert I've been up since 3:15 this morning, and it has nothing to do with blood sugar! My poor little...-worker that I was going to take advantage of our spring-like weather and throw myself onto the grass...
Bright red blood from the rectum can be due to anal tears/fissures, hemorrhoids (external since it's painful), colon polyps, diverticuli, or cancer.  Either way, he needs to get checked out and put

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Complications ... cause bleeding in the lining of your stomach, or duodenum (the upper part of the small intestine). If the bleeding happens slow ... » Read on
Symptoms ... s and is not infected. The pustules dry and peel off within a couple of days, leaving the skin shiny and smooth. The pustules ma ... » Read on