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JenAlyzabeth Ira Twp, Michigan
My name is Jenna and on October 17, 2008 I was involved in a rather serious auto accident. My... More
Weverpwd California
First, you should acknowledge that spot diminution of fat through dieting or exercise is... More
Tal G Levi California
Hey I'm Tal G Levi I first started Diet and fitness 3 months ago, i just wanted to share with... More
jolensans California
To flatten your tummy, slenderize your thighs and hips and tone up your entire body, nothing can... More
Danielle P. Pensacola, Florida

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Tighten Your Thighs – Plie Squat by Alex L. Healthy Living Professional Try this great inner-thigh exercise to tone your legs in no time. ... Continue Reading » Readers of this article also enjoyed:
Side Squat To Tone Hips, Glutes And Thighs by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional The side squat will help you tone your hips , glutes and thighs faster. The side squat... a medicine ball and stand with your feet wider than a normal squat. Point your feet slightly outward. Brace...
Squats. You know, I've gotten conflicting reports from fitness experts on the correct exercises to tone inner thighs, but I've personally found that squats are great for toning the muscles in that area...
Squat Safely by Heather J. Courtesy of Shape magazine…If you like how squats tone your butt and legs, you're probably tempted... performing squats with 60 or 80 percent of their one-rep maximum (referred to as 1RM, which is the amount...
Try lunges and /or squats. They are great for toning. Just make certain that you get a trainer at the gym to make sure that you are using proper form or you can damage your knees.
Squats are great!  They work glutes and thighs.  If you do them on a bosu, they will work the abs as well.     
Squats by Weight Master E. Patient ExpertHealth Maven before I even squatted. It absolutely killed my inner thighs and my butt. And with this guy, you can't cheat... Yesterday I worked out with this guy that does wide squats. First of all, squats are not...
4 Inner Thigh Exercises That Will Shape Lean Sexy Legs by Lucy J. Patient Expert overall. Let’s dive into these exercises so you can sculpt your inner thighs quickly: 1. The Normal Squat... Your thighs are very powerful and they just happen...
Postpartum Weight Loss- Quick Thigh Toning Exercise by Sara H. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I want to tone up my thighs while I’m indoors. Do you have any quick thigh toning exercises I can do between things?” From Fit by Sara: “It’s a great idea...
Postpartum Weight Loss: Two Minute Toner for Thighs & Buttocks by Sara H. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Seeking Toned Thighs and Buttocks- “Ball Squat” Firm your Inner Thighs, Define your Buttocks and Upper... the thighs. Can you give me another two minute exercise to tone my thighs and buttocks?”   From Fit...

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