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Thigh Bone

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Looks like a visit to a doctor is in order. Pain for two months implies something serious is going on. Hope it's not a fracture.
FDA Statement on ASBMR report: Possible Increased Risk of Certain Types of Thigh Bone Fractures with Long-Term Bisphosphonates U by FDA as bisphosphonates and a rare but serious type of fracture of the thigh bone (femur). The report includes a case... [9/14/2010] FDA appreciates the report from the American Society of Bone...
Updates on Bone Necrosis and Fractures from Bone Drugs by Pam Patient Expert of thigh bone after longterm bisphosphonate use. From Gillian Sanson' s excellent newsletter that I recommend you subscribe to. "Snapping thigh bones caused by bisphosphonates? Hard on the heels of the FDA...
Thank you for the info!! The pubic pain is 4 days old and hurts so bad. I shuffle when I walk I am only 54 yrs old.  Would I go to my primary Dr or make an appt with an orthopedic guy? Your pain describes what I am feeling a
Bone Drugs Linked to Broken Femur by Pam Patient Expert unusual because they are occurring in the long bone of the thigh, one of the strongest bones of the body... to the snapping of the femur bone in relatively young women. After 4 years of telling you about the dangers...
up you retain fluid, the worse the situation.  I suspect the dent that you noticed in your thigh... a major vein) higher up in the thigh or pelvis region leading to one-sided swelling.  Whatever the cause...
Sudden onset of outer upper thigh pain?  Hmmm . . . more medical history would help.  Age...)? A good number of musculoskeletal conditions could present as outer upper thigh pain.  A tight iliotibial...
Medical Alert: Women and Thigh Fractures by Dr. Paul Hsieh Medical Doctor stress fracture. Here is an example of an early stress fracture in the right femur (thigh) bone... losing bone mineral at a significant rate -- enough that they are at increased risk of developing...
Homemade Chicken Soup with Bone Broth by Mama's Weeds Patient Expert . I just want some bone broth, Frank. And so, I’ve made peace the skin-on, bone-in organic chicken thighs... the thighs in the crock pot.  The thighs are done in about an hour, and once the meat is carved off bone...
Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs Osso Buco by Martha M. Healthy Living Professional Skinny Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs Osso Buco This is the first recipe I’ve tried.... Delectable. The recipe name – Chicken Thighs Osso Buco –  is a little misleading since according...

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Introduction ... ritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fracture of the neck of the femur (thigh bone), and damage resulting in loss of blood supply to the ... » Read on
Why it is necessary ... It is actually two joints: The major joint is between the thigh bone of the upper leg (femur), and the shin bone of the lo ... » Read on