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Mid-West Chick Lawrence, Kansas
Healthy and Bella Someplace, DE
I am a college student in my mid twenties, who finally wants to battle her extra pounds and get... More
Cat N. California
My name is Cat (Catherine really… but only when I’m being told off) hence the Cat... More
Jennifer M. folsom, California
Love to exercise but also love to eat. I have always had to be careful because the lbs can come... More
cora story Wisconsin
I have had chronic pelvic pain for the past four years. As a registered nurse and someone who... More

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I'm getting to these questions later than everyone else.  RxBlogger has put together a nice list of possibilities to explain your pain on the left side of your abdomen.  I would also add diverticulitis...
after 2 weeks of working out eating healthy standing long hours ( i was leaning to 1 side at the  time ive noticed ) protien shakes around 1200 cals a day or more.... also 4 Ls of water  a day  ( exercises include  6 min abs
A sculpted mid section is more than just nice to look at. by Richard S. Patient Expert benefits for having a strong ab section. Having a strong mid-section is beneficial for your back...
have their internal organs in reverse position from "normal"), the lower left abdomen contains the descending colon... while the liver & gall bladder are right upper quadrant.  Down in the right lower abdomen is the ascending colon...
Well first of all, you have to realize that there is no such thing as spot-reducing. To really trim down your mid-section, you have to reduce your overall body fat percentage. The best way...
of all of this is that my very upper abdomen, like between my diaphragm and ribs seems to be very swollen. wow, i am female twenty... left abdomen off and on for a long time! especially when i walk alot, which i love to do:( oh...
that make contact with the ground. No wonder your feet are tender. Be sure you don't overstride. Your feet should hit the ground behind your knees. Use a mid-foot strike not a heel strike. Aim for a stride rate...
like period i been having cramps and lower back pain also very tender nipples that look kinda red...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven wn my bf cumd in me iqot up quickly n pushed out the cum ; does it sdil mean i could be preqqos im bleeding now n have a sore stomach n bk ? help pls Follow @alvinblin
Postpartum Weight Loss- How to “shrink” the mid section by Sara H. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven that after having an abdominal separationyou are supposed to work certain parts of your abdomen before others? I don’t... which will equal a smaller mid section.          To strengthen your abdominals lay with your back on the floor...

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