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The Human Skeleton

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I wrestled with weight issues from a very early age. Through an understanding of the human body... More
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I am 58, Vice Chancellor of ITM University, Raipur, India. Daughter 35 & son 31-well... More
The Web site of US Department of Health and Human Services (  The... More
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UK archaeologists find oldest complete skeleton of human with metastatic cancer by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook first complete human skeleton with metastatic cancerAbnormal, uncontrolled cell division resulting... and a small number of skeletons with signs of cancer. “Insights gained from archaeological human remains...
Hooters Bikini Contest with a few Skeletons by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven The Bastardly These “Hooters girls” (many sans much in the way of hooters) at this contest may show why so many think Jennifer Love Hewitt is fat. These ladies look like many of them need to be “force fed” to me. I
How Close Were Humans and Neanderthals? by Dr. Mike Magee Medical Doctor II, AP A reconstructed Neanderthal skeleton, right, and a modern human version of a skeleton... shows that humans inherited a small amount of Neanderthal genes. According to   Dan Vergano, of USA...
Electric Skeleton by Vanessa R. Patient Expert “A lonely man turns to frankensteining his utensils to find love, happiness and a dance partner.”  Silly, but fun. Darren Hanlon “Electric Skeleton” music video Directed by Natalie van den...
Aches In Your Body - Blame It On The Human Skeletal System by Lucy J. Patient Expert in the human anatomy and have study up on it. Do you know what the curves in your spine... problems that could be as a result of more significant issues. Get a grip on the human body...
Even T. rex can't catch a break... by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Apparently, you can be judged on your skeleton, too. The study I stumbled... for themselves how fat or thin the dinosaurs might have been in life. You can see the skeleton with a belly...
Aches In Your Body – Blame It On The Human Skeletal System by Lucy J. Patient Expert It in truth is essential to understand why your body performs the way it does. You may sense like your body is in exact form, and you are in perfect wellness. So on the other hand you maybe will be a little under the weather
Interim CDC Guidance for Nonpharmaceutical Community Mitigation in Response to Human Infections with Swine Influenza by stuart Patient Expert for Nonpharmaceutical Community Mitigation in Response to Human Infections with Swine Influenza (H1N1) Virus ============================================ ...
6 factors that lead to human error by Tony - Hospital Impact Healthy Living Professional of the cure, it would benefit hospitals to identify the factors which lead to human error and implement... that can precipitate human error. For example, it's imperative that our minds focus on patient care...
“Love your skeleton—she’s what holds you up!” Pinky Diablo by Vanessa R. Patient Expert on what is available. They come in teaspoon and tablespoon sizes. In addition to human skulls Pinky makes spoons...

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Introduction ... he 'tail bone', because it forms the last remaining part of the human 'tail' (at the end of the spine). It is located just above ... » Read on
Causes Hemophilia is caused by a deficiency of one of the clotting factors involved in the blood clottin ... » Read on