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109 a better Alzheimer's test (actual tests to look at) by Gevera Bert P. Patient Expert This is from Saint Louis University. Supposedly this test is BETTER than the other test... showed this test spotted early stage dementia in more people (no stats given.) This is the test, taken...
Tests & Diagnostics for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Better Health Here is a list of some of the common tests and diagnostics for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Arthroscopy Electromyogram Nerve Conduction Study Of course, these are just some of the common tests...
Mediracer UK Ltd. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Ulnar Nerve Testing by Helge V. K. Patient Expert   Mediracer UK Ltd. specializes in CTS = Carpal Tunnel Syndrome testing. The company... in the general health care segment. Mr. Lesonen says that the Mediracer Carpal Tunnel Syndrome testing system...
Day 23: Spraining but training by Steve F. Patient Expert Woke up this morning and my wrist was just killing me. Not sure what has happened but I remember... up at me from my cupboard was the answer. Boxing wrist straps. I just strapped it up to give it support and lifted anyway...
New EM radiology teaching idea: Wrist dislocation by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor to reading plain films of the wrist. Roll your mouse over the words to highlight the bones. Image set #1: Normal xray of the wrist (AP and lateral) with key identifiable structures Image set #2...
Ankle injuries are quite difficult--let's say that up front.  Having said that, it can take a long time to recover.  With regard to fractures and what you are feeling: Hairline fractures can skip detection in the first week
Bad Hand Sprain From Sports? See a Chiropractor by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty like it is. Well...if the hand is sprained really bad it can be hard to tell...especially right after the injury... what I did when I had a really bad fall skiing a few years back and was worried I hurt both my wrists and would not be able to work...
Bad Hand Sprain From Sports? See a Chiropractor by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty was fractured or not from the symptoms...because it sure feels like it is. Well...if the hand is sprained... years back and was worried I hurt both my wrists and would not be able to work. The chiropractor...
High Ankle Sprains by Mike Reinold Patient Expert is upon us, we often hear the term “high ankle sprain” used by announcers and in the media. This guest article from Trevor....   What is a high ankle sprain? A high ankle sprain, or syndesmotic sprain, occurs when there is an injury...
How to Improve Wrist and Ankle Mobility by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional wrist and ankle mobility? Wrists Let’s first figure out the extent of your immobility. To test... have poor wrist mobility. As opposed to the other major joints, there’s no easy way to objectively test...

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Introduction ... st common locations for sprains are the ankle, knee, thumb, and wrist. What is a strain? A m ... » Read on
Prevention ... trains, then taping, strapping, or wrapping your knees, ankles, wrists, or elbows, can help while you are recovering from injury ... » Read on