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Joel K. Manchester, New Hampshire
I'm a massage therapist located in Manchester, NH.  Have my own practice as well as work for... More
Lynn W. Saint Paul, Minnesota
Founder and CEO of The WeCo (Wehrman Collaborative), an organization which: 1. Fosters... More
lanejessica121 California
I am a 22 year old wife and mother. I have had health problems since I was 17 and of course like... More
ittybittybabymom Chico, California
I am a first-time mom at 40 and a full-time college professor of Communication Studies.  I... More
Jonas LA, California
Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of a panic attack? How can I feel normal again... More

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Transient Ischemic attacks (TIA’s) of heart by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Is Transient Ischemic attacks (TIAs)  belong to the  exclusive domain of cerebral circulation ?  Can it occur in the coroanry arteries ?  If so what situations ? This is a presentation
A Rapid, Peripheral Blood Gene Expression Biomarker Panel for Diagnosis of Acute Ischemic Stroke by and hemorrhagic stroke, transient ischemic attack, or any pathology mimicking a stroke. Not... stroke, transient ischemic attack, or any pathology mimicking a stroke. Aid in the prediction...
Blood Tests by Jennifer J. Patient Expert . Previous heart attacks, strokes or transient ischemic attack (TIA). 2. A Body Mass Index (BMI... pressure without using up the time of the FP. They have a team who do blood tests and send...
Tests That Could Predict The Chances Of Suffering From Dementia by Len S. Patient Expert with a 42% lower risk of stroke or “transient ischemic attack” in people over age 65 compared... that shows testing a person’s walking speed and grip strength may help show how likely they are to suffer...
Tests & Diagnostics for Angina by Health Team Here is a list of some of the common tests and diagnostics for Angina: Andropause Blood... Heartbeat Detection Nuclear stress test Prostate PSA Antigen Stress test Testosterone X-rays...
Balancing Mind & Body with Tias Little by Peter A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Ashtanga yogi Tias Little discusses the importance of study to a yoga practice and the Master of Arts Eastern Classics program @ St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM. Jerome Mercier's mission to me before I left for Santa Fe...
Prajna Yoga : Tias Little by Peter A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I've been yearning to find more "bhakti" or "jnana" in the group classes that I manage to attend on a weekly basis. There seems to be that "mystical magic carpet ride" element & depth missing from my weekend classes and...
Testosterone Causes Heart Attacks? by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor Found to Cause Heart Attacks in Obese Smokers With Heart Disease... attacks.( 1 )(2)(3)(4) A Closer Look...
TIA: A Warning Not to be Ignored by BrainFit .. is stroke, specifically a light stroke known as TIA or transient ischemic attack. TIA is certainly not.... Difficulty walking. A TIA is something on more the mild side. It's transient. Usually the symptoms occur...
Tomatoes protect against heart attack and stroke by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor testing method to non-invasively track my patients’ progress as they adopt a nutritarian diet. In a study... studies have made a connection between higher blood lycopene and lower risk of heart attack. For example...

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Symptoms Severe symptoms of transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs) usually last less than 30 minutes and all symptom ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... If you have had any of the symptoms of a transient ischaemic attack (TIA), you should speak with your doctor as soon as possi ... » Read on