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Ron B. wayland, Massachusetts
Robsranch California
The Rob's Ranch Addiction Treatment Program focuses on the time-tested, proven model of the 12... More
Carson B. Flagstaff, Arizona
Carson Boddicker is president and founder of Boddicker Performance, a company based in Flagstaff,... More
hetty4christ Chander, Arizona
I have had epilepsy almost my whole life. First from a high fever-febrile seizure. About a year... More
Neilncher California
All people experience a decline in testosterone levels as they age, may in spite of what they... More

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Superhero Personality Test by Robin C. Patient Expert You are Spider-Man Spider-Man 65% Robin 57% Catwoman 55% Superman...
Spider Monkeys are Adorable by Pam Tremble Patient Expert Spider Monkeys are adorable. You just want to hug 'em and squeeze 'em and kiss 'em. C'mon, don't you just love how adorable they are? They put a smile on your face, don't they!
The Test of Humanity (or Why I'm Going to Hold, Rattle, Smell, Drop and Take a Bite Out of Yet More Things) by Pattie B. Patient Expert where only 58% of the high school students graduate on time and where the latest year-end state tests resulted in about 40% of all 8th grade students failing the science and math tests (the poor science results getting...
The fall of the spider monkey by Broken Brilliant Patient Expert therapist (I’ll call them NT, versus ND, for “Neuropsychological Diagnostician” who’s done the testing..., so there they are with me, being ginger and diplomatic and testing the waters.  Am I a caged animal? Am I just looking for a reason to act...
I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey by RunFasterMommy Patient Expert that being on the travel brochures. So treadmill it was, and I was excited to test out my latest addition to the shoe... an effortless hour. VO2 max test is tomorrow (yay!) but I ran at an "estimated" zone 2...about a 9:30 mile...
Black Widow Spider Antivenin (Latrodectus mactans)(Equine) Packaged Lot 0585Z: Information about Expiration Date and Use by FDA you with important information regarding Antivenin (Latrodectus mactans)(Equine), commonly referred to as Black Widow Spider Antivenin (BWSA). Black Widow Spider Antivenin is indicated for patients with symptoms due to bites...
Turmeric holiday cookies, blood tests, rashes, pizza dough and card games… by Margaret Patient Expert to the cookie dough. And, now that I have tested these cookies on Stefano and some of my dearest friends... if the rash had been triggered by a tick bite or a brown recluse spider bite or...
The Amazing Spider-Man: The Animal Farm of the Autism Epidemic? by Kim S. Patient Expert dragged me to the movie The Amazing Spider-Man , and I was indeed amazed.  Spider-Man, it seems, may be conveying our vaccine safety message without ever mentioning the V-word.    Early in the story, a spider...
Naturally Occurring Viagra: Venom From The Banana Spider Might Be The Answer by Sean D. Patient Expert outrageous, treatment: venom from a highly poisonous South American spider. Gentlemen, Meet the Banana Spider Commonly found in central South America, the banana spider is a unique breed of arachnid...
There’s Now a Genetic Test to Tell Your Athletic Potential: Would You Take It? [epigenetics] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert , still with enough breath to gossip about why I was wearing 17 different types of spider jewelry in gym class (Charlotte’s... – developed a test so people can find out for sure whether or not they (or their kid) is the next Lance...

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Risks ... ging and biting insects and animals, such as scorpions, snakes, spiders, and jellyfish. Always take care to look where you are w ... » Read on
Causes ... Sometimes, certain phobias, such as a fear of spiders, run in families. This is probably because children lear ... » Read on