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REFLUX SYMPTOM REPORTING AND ACID PERFUSION TESTING IN SCLERODERMA. by Jan significant morbidity in scleroderma (SSc) yet the reliability of reflux symptoms in the diagnosis is unclear. Acid perfusion testing (APT) has produced conflicting results regarding acid insensitivity in SSc...
What Is Scleroderma? What Causes Scleroderma? by Jan - patients with scleroderma usually have high levels of certain antibodies. Other tests - other tests... Scleroderma refers to a group of rare chronic autoimmune diseases in which the skin...
When Is Scleroderma Really Scleroderma? by Jan for sensitive testing that may identify patients who have early scleroderma or a mild expression of the disease... of systemic sclerosis (scleroderma, SSc), arguing that new advances in medical technology provide...
Antioxidant; the best choice for battle with scleroderma by Jan According to my mom's lastest blood test result, maybe I'm in the right way in battle with scleroderma. The doctor ask me about how to treat mom with antioxidants, 'cause she's better than treat...
Fibrosing alveolitis and Scleroderma by Jan Mast cells' contribution to the fibrosing alveolitis of the scleroderma lungBy CHANEZ P. and Colleague Fibrosing alveolitis is frequently seen in scleroderma. Although usually causing progressive...
Arthritis and Scleroderma from Low Levels / Deficiency of Selenium and Sulfur by Jan conditions. Various placebo-controlled studies have shown that 50 - 60% of test subjects had a positive...: Alzheimer's disease, nerve degeneration, memory loss, arthritis / cartilage degeneration, lupus, scleroderma...
If one would have Scleroderma while taking Potassium chloride, who are they, when it happens and how? by Jan A study of 4 people who have scleroderma (Systemic sclerosis (scleroderma)) while taking Potassium chloride. How long has Potassium chloride been used, gender and age of the users, severity of scleroderma...
It is important for scleroderma patients to have plenty of antioxidants. by Jan “In terms of diet, it is important to have plenty of selenium and vitamins A, C, and E, which are antioxidants and help, reduce inflammation. Taking regular exercise and not smoking protect the heart,” said Dr Rob Hicks, a
Novel Autoantibody to Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase in Patients with Localized Scleroderma by Jan background in localized scleroderma induced anti-Cu/Zn SOD autoantibodies that inhibited SOD activity...-Cu/Zn SOD Ab was detected in the serum of 89% of localized scleroderma patients, especially 100...
Is Serum Albumin a Marker of Malnutrition in Chronic Disease? The Scleroderma Paradigm by Jan . Design Cross-sectional, multicenter study of patients from the Canadian Scleroderma Research Group... global assessment of disease activity, C-reactive protein, and Scleroderma Disease Activity Index...

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Diagnosis ... examine you to rule out other conditions, such as arthritis or scleroderma. Your doctor may also want to perform a cold-simulat ... » Read on
Complications ... A small number of people who have Raynaud's also develop scleroderma, a disease that affects the connective tissue (the s ... » Read on