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I am an anatomic Pathologist with special experience in Oncopathology.Oncopathology deals with... More
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I'm 38 years old and have been experiencing symptoms for nearly 5 years. Last year I was told I... More
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can run some tests to prove that your ovaries are functioning but your pituitary isn't.   Good luck!  ... by your endocrinologist.  Your pituitary controls a number of other hormone producing organs...
Pituitary gland tumours by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert in women and the testes in men. The posterior pituitary produces: ADH (anti-diuretic hormone... and investigations. Pituitary tumours are often discovered during a blood test. If high levels of pituitary hormones...
Prolactinoma by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert resonance imaging (MRI), which is the most sensitive test for detecting pituitary tumours and determining..., and perform tests to assess whether production of other pituitary hormones is normal. Depending on the size...
If she is 40 and has gotten a positive result on a HPT then she needs to make an appointment asap with her OB/GYN.  Not only because she is considered to be of advanced maternal age, but because of the other issues you have s
Genetics Home Reference: familial isolated pituitary adenoma by (FIPA) is an inherited condition characterized by development of a noncancerous tumor in the pituitary..., produces hormones that control many important body functions. Tumors that form in the pituitary gland...
Size Matters Unfortunately for This Woman – Gigantism Rare Disease Where She Keeps Growing With Tumor Pushing on Pituitary by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven until around 22 when she started growing again, all over, weight, height and organs.  She has a tumor that needs to be removed that is putting pressure on here pituitary gland, which causes over doses of growth hormones...
Approaches to Treating Pituitary Tumors by InternalMed .. to the pituitary tumor, it has two effects. One is to normalize or lower the growth hormone secretion.... LAURENCE KATZNELSON, MD: These are molecules that bypass pituitary tumor altogether, circulate in the blood...
Gail Rosseau, MD - Discusses Pituitary Tumors by NOHC Patient Expert the prevalence and most common symptoms related to pituitary tumors. Vision disturbances and symptoms related.... Surgery for pituitary tumors is performed through the nose using a [...]
Tumor Cell Profiling...the tests ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Tumor Cell Profiling... the tests show if your cancer cells were killed by exposure to one or... development. Cancer Physician Invents Test For New Drugs That Cut Off Tumor's Blood Supply http...
Tumor typing - or testing the ge... by Lisa E. L. Patient Expert Tumor typing - or testing the genetic signature of a cancer - is currently helping doctors... that will be most effective for individual patients. Now, researchers have developed a similar test for lung cancer. The Lung...

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Complications ... tions, which sometimes occur. Occasionally the operation on the pituitary gland tumor may damage other parts of the gland. This ... » Read on
Causes ... e effect of insulin to keep blood sugar levels normal. The pituitary gland is at the bottom of the brain and controls the b ... » Read on