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Liver Transplant Patients Receive Experimental Drug to Prevent Hepatitis C Infection-Arizona Should Take Notice by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven does not return.   In many cases the new liver may end up being re-infected in time and this new therapy...-controlled study is to test if the monoclonal antibody, designated MBL-HCV1, prevents re-infection...
New “super cooling” technique tested for preserving the liver prior to transplantation by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook The liverA large abdominal organ... where the liver has been damaged to the point that it cannot perform its normal functions and is likely to fail...
itching theory tested: results are in by Donna Peach Patient Expert If you read about my itching episodes a few weeks back, you’ll know that I was testing... know that I was testing Marvin’s theory. Here’s how it has resolved. When the itching started...
Test Results by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven .  So I will go shopping tomorrow. The doc said that on the day I took the blood test I had an infection, he can't... I saw the doc yesterday and got the results of all the tests he ran.  He said I have a lot going...
Blood tests and other pathology testing form part of a thorough medical check by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook on anything from a viral infection to liver function, anaemia, cancer or heart disease. There is a test for practically... Anyone seeking a full health screen will want a good range of pathology testing analysis as part...
Big, Bad Babesia...And The Value of Muscle Testing by Connie S. Patient Expert multiple strains of the infection(s). For instance, I have learned through muscle testing that my body... infections. I get tested on a monthly basis to determine whether my current regimen is working...
There are some tests you can do to detect H. pylori.  The first type of test is by having a blood test done.  The second type of test is by having a breath test done and the third type of test
As you've gathered, AST & ALT represent your liver function along with a few other tests grouped... to an increase in liver function tests.  Statins (cholesterol lowering meds) are well know for this side effect...
in his/her liver function test(s), then it's imperative that we look for infections as a cause, eg hepatitis A, B... As you've gathered, AST & ALT represent your liver function along with a few other tests grouped...
LIVER CARE FOUNDATION , NEW DELHI by nitinsyal Patient Expert or chronic damage to the liver, usually caused by infection which can be viral or non-viral, abnormal...) Signs and Symptoms Liver disease is often discovered during routine testing. Having no symptoms...

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Complications ... liver, and anti-viral medicines can be used to prevent further liver infection. Liver tests are recommended every three months ... » Read on
Immunisations ... Hepatitis A is an infection of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus. It causes liver ... » Read on