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I am a mother who is on a journey with her son to help him overcome schizophrenia. We are taking a... More
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Just recently found out I have lyme, after two years of going around with almost every medical... More
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Life is good. It should be fun. If you don't absolutely love this stuff, then try... More
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Tom Donohue, thirty-three-year-old, son, brother and uncle of three, is the founder director of... More

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Heat Stroke and Hyponatremia by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor The most likely cause of death during hot weather sports is heat stroke, when the body temperature...). Nobody should ever die of heat stroke because your body sends you warning signals as your temperature rises...
Dangerous heat risks - dehydration, heat exhaustion by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor . Dehydration puts kids at risk for heat related illnesses like heat stroke. They can suffer from rhabdomyolysis... * Nausea * Cramps * Weak and rapid pulse. Heat Stroke Symptoms include: * Hot, dry skin * Elevated...
Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke in Dogs by Dr. Kim .. Naturopathic DoctorHealth Maven which is a precursor to heat stroke which can and does kill so do your due diligence PLEASE: heavy panting... This isn’t going to be an in depth scientific explanation about heat exhaustion and heat...
Top Ten ways to beat the crazy summer heat by Roman M. Patient Expert .  Being hydrated is your strongest defense from a heat stroke DNF, a visit to the med tent or a trip to the ER. 5..., you’re on your way to heat stroke.  Dial it down and stay level headed if you want to finish.  There’s...
That statement is false.  As long as you received the proper medical treatment after you experience heat stroke, you should be fine.   
. If you do, you may wish to stop or cut way back and repeat testing. Good luck and keep us posted! Lynette Sheppard RN... about stroke from atrial fibrillation.  Try not to blame your physician.  Think about it this way.  God forbid...
Treating and Avoiding Heat Stroke by Chris .. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Today in Minnesota, we had a heat advisory. In the afternoon, the heat index climbed to 108... out of the house. Since this information is available to you, use it. Get heat advisory alerts on your cell phone...
Heat Stroke Symptoms by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert ailments is the heat stroke… What is Heat Stroke? Very simply, a  heat stroke is the body's inability... anyone with heat stroke, you will have to identify the symptoms first. Heat Stroke Symptoms Before a victim...
Heat Stroke Symptoms by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert causes of hyperthermia are attributed to heat stroke and the adverse reaction to drugs...: heat stroke. Heat Stroke So, what is heat stroke? Very simply, it is when the body's thermo...
Heat Stroke Symptoms – A List by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert of a heat stroke (also known as heat illness )? Scientists have concluded that with these temperatures..., outdoor workers and the elderly will suffer from heat strokes, and prove fatal, if not dealt with in time...

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Diagnosis ... heart disease, or had a heart attack, or a stroke before the age of 55, or if your mother or sister had the ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... ormal increase or decrease in electrical activity. Blood tests are taken to exclude non-viral causes of encephalitis such ... » Read on