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Hello: My name is Ali Sultaneh, I'm  a neurosurgeon since 1995 from Bordenko Institute... More
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  Hi, I’m Amanda! Welcome to Eat, Spin, Live! I am a 22 year old girl... More
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I am a Functional Medicine Practitioner with 13 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in... More
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54 yr old, studying to become animal behaviourist, trained dogs for years and done all the nasty... More
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Their response is "Perhaps." We are good with bigg boss 6. Nobody really knows what... More

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Colonoscopy Week Live! - 5pm, I could bite the legs off a low-flying duck by Martin Patient Expert If you ever find yourself mid-fast, that is to say you haven’t eaten for 17 hours or so, take my advice and do not take a walk along your local high street. Just don’t. Earlier I went up Walthamstow Market. Big mistake. U
Shun Chemicals for Natural Ways to Thwart and Care for Bug Bites by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine so good is having to spray or lather on insect repellant so you do not provide the biting flies... which can damage your body cells. Instead, you should find natural ways to stop bug bites as well as care...
The Test of Humanity (or Why I'm Going to Hold, Rattle, Smell, Drop and Take a Bite Out of Yet More Things) by Pattie B. Patient Expert where only 58% of the high school students graduate on time and where the latest year-end state tests resulted in about 40% of all 8th grade students failing the science and math tests (the poor science results getting...
Passed today's tests w/flying colors (Day 358) by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook The first test of the day; MUGA Scan - The picture on the computer display made my heart look.... Ha! Ha! The next test was in another room; EKG - The little round stick on terminals were cold going...
Who pays when teeth fly? Five rules for pet bite etiquette from the vet's POV by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine It’s not just the simple bite wounds sustained during a brief brawl at the puppy park. It’s... to claw the mail carrier’s leg. No bite. Just a rough scratch—and a serious fright, I’m sure. Three...
Mosquitoes deliver malaria 'vaccine' through bites. by Stephen Tvedten Patient Expert Mosquitoes deliver malaria 'vaccine' through bites - Jul 30, 12:13 AM (ET) By MARILYNN MARCHIONE In a daring experiment in Europe, scientists used mosquitoes as flying needles to deliver a "vaccine" of live...
Green Summer Fun in the Sun: Avoid Sunburns and Bug Bites Naturally by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert that can put a damper on summer fun fast…sunburns and bug bites. How can you keep your kids safe from burns... some people may experience sensitivity to them and patch tests should always be done before applying...
How To Catch A Fruit Fly and Remain Green and Non-Toxic A Product Review Terro Fruit Fly Trap by Shawna C. Patient Expert Fruit Fly Traps – one to test out and two to give-away to my readers. Indeed, the first trap I set... Fruit flies: my enemy in the kitchen. It is true they torture we humans with their incessant...
Take the Test, Take Control on National HIV Testing Day by Elizabeth Leis Patient Expert One of the main subplots in the film “Reality Bites” follows Janeane Garafolo’s character, angsty Gen-Xer Vickie, as she gets an HIV test. This might not seem remarkable until you remember...
Robert Cabral, Black Belt Dog Trainer, Offers 10 Tips to Avoid Dog Bites for National Dog Bite Prevention Week by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), dog bites send nearly 368,000 victims to hospital emergency departments per year (1,008 per day). Dogs bite nearly two percent...

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Immunisations ... bleeding, and can be fatal. Yellow fever is passed to humans by bites from infected mosquitoes. Yellow fever i ... » Read on
Introduction ... le, by using an inhaler to make breathing easier. COPD and flying If you have COPD and are planning to fly, you should ... » Read on