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Leslie M. Burlington, Washington
I am a business owner and mother of a daughter with Asperger's. I have very successfully treated... More
Jock W. Townsville, AU
50 yrs old. Teacher & Boarding Master from Townsville in Queensland. Been cycling 2 years... More
josestrickland California
If you are trying to gain muscles on your body then try this Test Force Xtreme which increases... More
eatrunsail California
I have been a runner and fitness enthusiast for many many years but only lately have become... More
asthma-treatment California
Hello friends.Am here to share my views and helpful information on  ALCAT Test which linked... More

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Autism Abortion Test Now Available: Should Taxpayer Dollars Be Used To Develop Such Tests? by Kim S. Patient Expert percentage of fetuses which test positive prenatally for Down's Syndrome are aborted. ( See Nature... moral price. Traditional pre-natal genetic tests have involved invasive analysis of the mother's...
ot get a test.  so how did yours turn out? If there is hCG in your system then certainly by now it would show up on home pregnancy tests (some of which can pick up a level of 5 hCG). Since you have concerns...
well at 2 months movement of the fetus is pretty much undetectable by the mother.  If you haven't already taken a home pregnancy test then I would suggest that as a first step.   If you have then I'd suggest
4 Ways to Ensure Optimal Mental Health for Your Fetus by Brett - Sheer Balance Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven on the mental health and brain development of their unborn fetus. As Dr. Logan suggests, it is never to early... Acid in warding off neuro-defects in unborn fetuses is much stronger.  Pregnant women...
PE in pregnancy: which diagnostic tests do you use? by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor ≤0.001). D-dimer What about using a D-dimer test to risk-stratify? A BestBets review...-pregnant patients, one starts the PE work up by obtaining a chest xray and determining a pre-test...
Chromosomal studies of the fetus after a miscarriage are a waste of money by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor – something which is much easier and less expensive than testing the chromosomes of the fetus. Sadly, most gynecologists... this from happening again ? This is one of the reasons why a lot of doctors will send the fetus ( products...
Prescribing Zoloft and Other Antidepressants to a Fetus by Kim S. Patient Expert adverse symptoms while taking Zoloft, it made me wonder how much damage SRRI’s are causing to a fetus....  She did and mentioned to him that he had a dentist appointment two days earlier.  He suggested testing for mercury...
Maternal serum screening test by Katie W. neural tube defects. In women age 35 and over, this test finds about 80% of fetuses with Down syndrome... under age 35, this test finds about 65% of fetuses with Down syndrome, and there is a false positive rate...
Prenatal Tests and Procedures, Nuchal Transluncency Screening by Anna C. . The benefit of screening tests is that they do not pose any risk to the fetus or mother. But screening tests...) of 22%. In women under age 35, this test finds about 65% of fetuses with Down syndrome...
How is a Non-Stress test administered and why would I need one? (NST) by Sharon LaMothe Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook So many tests so little time....Pregnant? Is it time for your non-stress test? Are you stressed... How is a Non-Stress test administered and why would I need one? (NST) The NST is another way...

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When it should be done ... rom about 10 weeks). Rather than testing the amniotic fluid, it tests tissue from around the site of the placenta. With CVS, the ... » Read on
Prevention ... gene, prenataltesting (testing before birth) can show whether a fetus has inherited the two defective genes that will cause TSD. ... » Read on