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Dr. Beckstead Henderson, Nevada
I am a holistic physician and founder of www.Freedom From – an online... More
getSTDtested Chicago, Illinois
STD testing personalized to you - with expert help you can trust Sign up for your STD test... More
Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm actually not allergic to any foods. So why exactly do I restrict my... More
Dr. Vimala Murali San Francisco, California
I am a Homeopathic Consultant, holding a Doctorate of Homeopathic Medicine awarded by The... More
Lisa, L.Ac Chicago, Illinois
acupuncturist, biker, urban dweller, helping people attain the optimal health and well-being of... More

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Good or bad tests by JohnL Doctor of Philosophy Schools in Ionia (Michigan, US) are using a test to assess emotional states (e.g., anger, depression, and anxiety) that might indicate risk for dangerous behavior such as fighting or abusing...
There are so many different possibilities that I would suggest you make an appointment with your physican and ask if they can do baseline fertility testing (CD1 and 14DPO/CD21)
of an emotional abuse cycle are accurate. The situation is serious and you and your friends are justified...
Talk to someone you trust quick! Almost any trusting adult can steer you in the right direction. I agree with Kate. You don't deserve any of that. Talk to a trusted teacher or your school counselor. Do This Now! There are re
The Cat Test….. Which One Are YOU? by BPChicks Patient Expert The Cat Test (feline9) To identify emotionally disturbed individuals accurately, Algozzine.... Algozzine et al., note that the CAT TEST allows fine discriminations between subclassifications of emotional...
ADHD Testing: Beyond Brain Diagnosis by Chuck Medical Doctor vehicle accidents) 56.  Abuse (sexual, physical or emotional) 57.  Loss by separation or death... *Psychosocial Problems: 136.  Abuse (sexual, physical or emotional) 137.  Exposure to Traumatic Events (house...
Is Emotional Abuse Ever Justified? by Susan Patient Expert Susan, I have a question - can emotional abuse ever be justified? Four years ago, I met my boyfriend. At the time I was ending an abusive relationship and I know that I was on the rebound.(I know
Invalidation of Feelings as Emotional Abuse by Susan Patient Expert This is the first in a many part series on Emotional Abuse “Can you close the window? I’m cold” “You can’t be cold.” “Gerry’s late again and it makes me angry.” “Oh chill out, there’s nothing to be angry...
Responding to Emotional Abuse by eatnormalnow Healthy Living Professional Over the years, I’ve treated many individuals (mostly women) in emotionally abusive relationships, a major cause of food abuse, and have identified three stages of abusee response. Emotional abuse...
Blame and Emotional Abuse by Susan Patient Expert about being blamed for everything, being with an overly critical partner (and/or controlling) and emotional/verbal abuse where there is no physical abuse. I’d like to make the post as comprehensive as possible

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Definition ... physical abuse such as hitting or kicking, emotional abuse such as shouting, name calling and threats, and ... » Read on
Introduction ... roperly, it can lead to aggression and the physical, mental and emotional abuse of yourself or other people. This is shown in ma ... » Read on