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Tests & Diagnostics for Cerebral Palsy by Health Team Here is a list of some of the common tests and diagnostics for Cerebral Palsy: Motor skill Reflex Of course, these are just some of the common tests and diagnostics for Cerebral Palsy...
Hypertensive response to exercise stress test and risk of future stroke ! by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor  for ischemic  as well as  hemorrhagic strokes.  What  causes  thrombosis or  rupture of small cerebral....  Is embolic stroke related to hypertension ? The vast majority of embolic stroke are believed...
Autism Brain Scan Tests or Just High Functioning Autism Brain Scan Tests? by Harold L D. Patient Expert so far' for detecting autism . The article  cautions that the fMRI tests used in a recent study have to be run many times and achieve similar results before the test can be put to clinical  use. The article...
Brains, DNA and Direct to Consumer Genetic testing by Dr. Jonathan Holt Doctor of OsteopathyHealth Maven regarding direct to consumer genetic testing.  As I left the radiology suite today, I was offered a copy... unlike the results from direct to consumer genetic testing companies.  These images are composed...
The Chemical Imbalance Test: Does It Exist? by Paul Patient Expert Today I want to explore a basic question: Is there such a thing as a test for a brain-based... via urinary neurotransmitter testing. Currently when you see your doctor or therapist to determine what kind...
The Brain on Steroids in College – Adderall And Other Drugs Making it Easier to Study and Pass Tests by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven This was very interesting on how the drug seems to have the “ok” or is accepted since it is increasing your brain power.  The drugs are in the same class as other addictive drugs.  Not only students, but Katie Couric also
PE in pregnancy: which diagnostic tests do you use? by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor by clicking on the stars. Pulmonary embolism (PE) can be a deadly disease and one...≤0.001). D-dimer What about using a D-dimer test to risk-stratify? A BestBets review...
Put to the Test by Kate K. Patient Expert , Dr. OK tested and videotaped me while on my usual medication with the neurostimulator remaining.... Most of the neurological tests were familiar, such as doing the chicken dance with my hands and tapping with my heals...
My Tests: IgG Count and Monoclonal Component by Margaret Patient Expert My brain must be on holiday, too, since yesterday I didn’t make a rather obvious connection between two markers: the IgG count and the monoclonal component (MC). While my IgG level went up slightly, my MC went down. Tha
Brain Health: We're Starting to Test the Right Things by Sheryle B. Patient Expert said to me recently, "We just haven't figured out what to test. We haven't been creative enough." She was referring to our discussion..., of 500 words. They then had six weeks of rest. Here's the kicker: when tested...

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Diagnosis ... suspects an embolism, you may have one or more of the following tests: ... » Read on
Causes ... an arterial embolism. Cerebral embolism : This is when an embolism, usually a blood cl ... » Read on