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There is no doubt that when it comes to garden, patio furniture, teak has no equal. However, when... More
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50 yrs old. Teacher & Boarding Master from Townsville in Queensland. Been cycling 2 years... More
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Can someone have social anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia all at once? Cure for paranoia? by David M. Patient Expert and agoraphobia from what I’ve read online. Can someone have all three? Over the years I’ve become drained... almost like she puts people throughs tests to prove how much they care or can be trusted before even trying to greet...
Is there a complete cure for agoraphobia ? Or do medication just reduce the problem temporary ? by David M. Patient Expert I am looking for the best person to go to, because I’ve got agoraphobia and I’m sick... of the above, what do you consider best, for me to be completely cured ? I want to be 101% free from agoraphobia again and start...
Is there any one here that suffers from social phobia or agoraphobia, or zoophobia? by David M. Patient Expert instant message me if you’d like. I have agoraphobia. I would say a day in my life is that I can never take anything for granted. Everything is a test of will. I can’t go grocery shopping without "psyching...
I suffer from Agoraphobia, will Xanax be sufficient to get me through a plane flight? by David M. Patient Expert at Stanford University School of Medicine showed that test subjects taking anti-anxiety medication had ten...
it could've been a chemical pregnancy or blighted ovum..both would produce hCG but not for very long.   There really isn't much I can offer as far as info goes- the best theory would come from your physian
BRCA 1 & 2 Gene Testing: What Does A Positive Test Mean And Should You Get Tested? by Dr. C Medical DoctorHealth Maven cancer should consider having a BRCA test. Those who are also of Ashkenazi Jewish descent... than the general population (1 in 40). It's also important to consider the implications of a positive test...
Testing Testing Testing by Susan Patient Expert ” in a few weeks. We’d like to do a test run so we can test the technology, the participants’ ability..., and are looking for a few people to help us test the technology. I’m going to try to make it as real as possible...
TESTING TESTING TESTING by Jamie C. Patient Expert See... this is why everyone should have a test server... so they don't have to test in live :-) countdown_to_chaos-freesoundtrackmusic_CLIP [+]
Tests, Tests, and More Tests by Florence F. Patient Expert ticking away for the crossmatch/tissue typing tests I had to do with my brother. By the time.... We waited for our tests. He got his done first. I did mine second-I also got and ECG done. I came back...
to hospital, they examend me and my cervix was closed, took blood test and my hcg was 16.  So Im pregnant... blood test which is a yes or no test.  It came back negative, does that mean I miscarried?? I didn't...

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Complications ... er psychological conditions. Agoraphobia and other phobias Ag ... » Read on
Treatment Treatment for agoraphobia involvespsychotherapy; specifiy a type of therapy kn ... » Read on