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Temple Bruise

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Pain in Head by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven ! And its a weird kind of pain, like a tingling but it hurts. My temples are still sensitive...
Head hurts by Eileen Gray Patient ExpertHealth Maven Today I don't think will be a good day. I'm tired, my head hurts and I am very dizzy. More to come later.
Head Pain by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven Weirdest thing happened today. Actually it happened a couple days ago but today it really freaked me out. The other day i had my hands over my head and my med alert bracelet was hitting my skull flap, you know the place on
Tension, Migraine, Sinus- What a Head-Ache! by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook The most common headache is a tension or stress headache. This type of headache tends to be cervicogenic in nature, meaning it originates from the neck. Tension to the neck muscles often develops from mental stres
Excerpts From India...March 9th-March 16th by Puglet .. Patient Expert with the red painted horns in Udaipur outside the Jagdish temple, who wouldn't make eye contact... and we set off again, past hindu temples with drums beating. I listen to the sloshing of the water and songs...
Sunday is Funday! by Gretchen S. Patient Expert My head hurts wit h a capital URTZ. I'm trying in vain to sleep it off in a house full of children. Melody, as sweet-spirited as ever, is tenderly kissing my temple in an effort to make the sinus misery...
whew! by Greybeards Patient Expert I dozed a little between 3 and 7. I awoke from a fitful dream where Uncle Red was some sort serial killer but of course no one believed me. My head hurts, my eyes are itching, and we’re just getting started. It certainly a
my damn day...head [ache] by Lupus Nephritis .. Patient Expert I started off with a bad headache. My husband totally had a COW because of my daughter's new friend [boyfriend]. He is a [little] strange. He is 13, but does not have a cell phone or use IM. I don't know...I guess our fa
Want . to . blog . Head . pounding . by Emily M. Registered Nurse Head hurts so bad I am blogging through squinting eyes to keep down the glare from my baby mac. So, instead of boring you with dribble that won’t make sense to me later when the knitting needles are removed from their im
Headache by Butterfly Patient Expert My head hurts badly. So like a parent of a crying toddler, I must isolate the cause. I'm not wet. LMBO! I'm eating right now. I'm not being pinched by an older sibling. Hmmmm. I do want to be held. hmmmm.

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