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apothecary California
Curative Med is a trusted and reliable online pharmacy, providing brand name and generic... More
jmears California
Female former Med. Technician.  Retired.  Mom and Grandmother.
Well Med San Mateo, California
Hi, we're the Medical team here at Wellsphere. We're constantly on the lookout for interesting,... More
Kelly Skovira Scottdale, Pennsylvania
Kelly L. Skovira, DNP, CRNP Project Manager Nurse Practitioner MenopauseRx, Inc. Kelly Skovira is... More
EnlightenedSpirit Panama City Beach, Florida
I have Bipolar Disorder, OCD, and Panic Disorder. I have been on meds for 19 years. I have been on... More

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Mercury induces cell cytotoxicity and oxidative stress and increases beta-amyloid secretion and tau phosphorylation in SHSY5Y ne by Cheryl Patient Expert ) on oxidative stress, cell cytotoxicity, beta-amyloid production, and tau phosphorylation. We demonstrated... and Abeta 1-42 release. Tau phosphorylation was significantly increased in the presence of mercury (n = 9, p...
Med-Spot on Med-Source: Med-Source featured on Medscape by Emily Medical Student I am happy to announce that Med-Source was featured today on Medscape for Medical Students. The article is titled "Med Student Opens Online Study Resource". It gives a brief overview of Med-Source...
Dr. Katie goes to Med School: A nice blog for second year med students by Dr. Brian M. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Dr. Katie describes herself as "A 20-something girl trying to balance medical school and real-life". She has a nice blog addressing a variety of things, including issues concerning life as a second-year medical student. Today
Sophie's Choice- To Med Or Not To Med by Susan .. Patient Expert out kibble and water for the cat... back to bed. I couldn't reach the cabinet to get my meds, so I went... was from my back pain or the med withdrawal. Eventually, a couple days later, I felt fine. And when I went...
Med-Spot on Med-Source: ipods & Pacemakers by Emily Medical Student Med-Spot - 5.11.07: ipods & pacemakers • iPods held close to chest can cause cardiac pacemakers to malfunction • Pacemakers misread heart pacing, in one case stopped completely &bull...
Med Med interactions and Jackson's death. by Dr. Steve Murphy Medical Doctor ...... GeneMedRX. Take a look at the meds he was on and the warnings in the boxes. I often talk about gene-drug... and use GeneMedRX. You can look at the software here. I find it to be pretty useful webware...
To Med or not To Med by Susan .. Patient Expert meds at one time- not all psychiatric. And let's put this on the table, before I was "diagnosed... would be in the North Pole in an ice house, year round. I know on the internet, for every one person that is pro meds...
Psych Meds or No Psych Meds by Chuck Medical Doctor Psych Meds Or No Psych Meds  is full of possibilities, and it’s our collective.... Too often the protagonists get heated over psych meds or no psych meds – and miss the available larger perspective. I love...
He thinks I’m okay because I found the right meds…I’m okay because I weaned off those meds by Naturalgal Patient Expert because he wife is a social worker and that with the right meds I would be okay. My husband and I just sat... for how much work you’re getting done.” There’s no way in Hell I’d have the job I have now if I was on psych meds...
Med-Spot on Med-Source: Personal Genome Sequencing by Emily Medical Student Genetics has gone commercial with companies like deCODEme & 23andMe. What's all the hype about? Is it worth the $. Take a look at the video below made a recent deCODEme customer as she views the results of her husband's genom

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