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slimminsam California
I started this journey in December as a 419lb man with limited hope and no plan. I knew what I... More
abbytuttut manchester, UK
diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis in June 2008, acquired  Diabetes whilst taking... More
Carlota Curitiba, BR
I'm a brazilian student of Environmental Engineer in love with cooking,baking, reading and vintage... More
Bethany H. Kenosha, Wisconsin
I'm aworking writer. And by working, I mean I am a career woman (technical writer), wife (to a... More
Ravi .. Birmingham, Alabama
I truly enjoy personalizing " WHOLE APPROACH WITH RAVI" for living healthier,... More

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Manifesting Magic & Giving… & Get A Tarot Reading With Dove Star by Fran K. Patient Expert that flyer. Albeit a little stronger and wiser. 
I’ve done my Tarot readings as a sideline... enough for survival. So I manifested a really great job, and the Tarot reading was put on the backburner...
Rider Tarot Cards by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine If you have a tarot reading in the United States, or if you buy a set of tarot cards, the chances... for divination purposes. Just as palm reading was popular in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, tarot card...
The Meaning of Tarot Cards by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Have you ever had a tarot card reading? Do tarot cards really hold all of the answers..., the Mythic Deck, and the Hermetic Deck. Reading the Tarot Cards Most decks come with instructions...
How To Read Your Face – Interview With Chinese Face Reading Expert Jean Haner! by Tera W. Patient Expert into your personality.  You can read star charts and numerological reports, giving you a further peek into your infinite ways of being. You can try crystal balls, tea leaves, tarot cards and little stones and hope...
Oracle Card Reading For Divine Guidance by Evelyn Lim Healthy Living Professional Readings Do you go for card readings? Do you have a preference: tarot or oracle? Has any reading turned... Isis, Athena, Kuan Yin, Green Tara and Mother Mary. I don’t use to take card readings...
With a little help from my Tarot by Marie L. Patient Expert is all about. If the idea of tarot is not too weird for you, I recommend trying this. It's not a Magic 8-ball type deal... to hold up on things, or examine situations more closely. I did a reading for a friend, and she thought...
Reading, Reading, and More Reading by Kimberly H. Patient Expert Over the last several months, John and I have been focused on reading 5 books for our adoption agency’s required reading list. We are to read the books and then send in a short summary explaining...
Reading, reading, OMG MORE READING!?? by AtYourCervix Patient Expert Uh, holy crap. That is all I have to say about the reading assignments for the breastfeeding module in my newborn/postpartum course. Reading assignment for this week, into next week Riordan, J...
Read! Read! Read! by Drew W. Healthy Living Professional It’s the secret to life. This just makes so much sense: It’s a simple proposition: read an article a day. When you are done, make a quick note on what you have read in your notebook. Over time
Stuff I’ve Read, Am Reading, Or Going to Read. by Tony G. Healthy Living Professional , but it still counts as reading in my book.  How is it that the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico can run what’s equivalent...

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