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Tantra: Deep Pelvic Release Work by Gillette .. Patient Expert One of the things I like about this blog is the opportunity to share things about Tantra that might not fit into its media driven image. When I look back at the posts I've done about Tantra so far...
Chicago, Chicago, It’s a Wonderful Town! by Dr. Stanley F. Medical Doctor Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE Springtime in Chicago can be totally unpredictable. One day it’s... and I had two full days in Chicago counting Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. I started to think...
Chicago's Finest! by Lisa T. This hot dog will be made healthy by the whole wheat bun and the substituted dog, also, it limits the traditional toppings that add little nutritional value. Thanks to * 1 hot dog (veggie, tofu, turkey) * 1 whole whe
The website for the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Asso might provide helpful , although I imagine whether any vet would do that depends on the amount of tarter on the animals' teeth. If there's a lot or any signs of gu
Average Joggler in Time Out Chicago by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven With the Chicago Marathon coming up soon, the local media seeks stories about unique marathon runners. This week Time Out Chicago was kind enough to include a picture of this average joggler...
Joggling Warm-up in Chicago by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven the Chicago marathon a couple weeks ago. I convinced him to go for a short joggling workout the day... because the next day, he set a PR in the Chicago Marathon. Great job Greg! ...
Chicago Marathon Expo 2012 by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven The marathon expo in Chicago is always an exciting event. It has grown significantly since 1996 when the first one I went to was held in the lowest level of the Hilton Hotel in Chicago...
Chicago Marathon 2012 Wrap-Up by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven The best thing about my performance in the 2012 Chicago Marathon... for me so I felt great for a long time. The crowd in Chicago was out in force (as usual) and they were loving...
Chicago marathon winner decides to sue by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I love the Chicago Marathon and will be joggling it for the 10th time this year.  While it is pretty annoying it sold out so fast this year, it doesn’t bother me too much since I was lucky...
Chicago marathon joggling clip by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven While perusing YouTube I saw that someone captured a video of me doing the Chicago marathon around mile 7.5 I love it when that happens. I see people take pictures all the time and I’m

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