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More on Unsaturated versus Saturated Fat by Matt M. Patient Expert Here’s one new study in press on the importance of the unsaturated-to-saturated fat ratio.  What they did was reduce saturated fat and add macadamia nuts in order to improve the ratio.  At baseline, the ratio
Body Fat Loss: Saturated Fat Kicks the Cr*pola Out Of Olive Oil by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy Fats and Coconut Oil Coconut oil is ~100% saturated fatty acids. No industrial toxic omega-6. No industrial trans-fats. There are civilizations which consume high, ULTRA-high saturated fat diets (40-56...
The Definitive Guide to Saturated Fat by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional is another question), at least intellectually. But saturated fat? People have this weird conditioned response to the very phrase. “But what about all that saturated fat? Aren’t you worried about clogging up your arteries...
David Brown, Dr. Rod Jackson, And Jimmy Moore: A Saturated Fat Roundtable Discussion by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional David Brown, Dr. Rod Jackson, and me discuss saturated fat effects Knowing what you believe... Department of Health and Human Services have both declared that saturated fat is a health hazard? In New Zealand...
Benefits of High-Saturated Fat Diets (Part II): Centenarians, CETP, TYP Diet Part 3 by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy of some saturated fats from eggs, meats (non-cured and processed), dairy; monounsaturated; fish oil --Completely... animal pharm posts: Saturated Fats as Potent Anti-Atherogenic Drugs: Lauric Acid Diets Decrease CETP...
NOT GUILTY: The Long-Standing Vilification Of Saturated Fat Finally Turning To Vindication by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional After long being blamed for poor health, is saturated fat actually harmless? I have long... is the subject of saturated fat. No thanks to the methodical efforts of the late physiologist Ancel Keys...
My piece in The Times which (I think) settles the butter versus margarine debate once and for all by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor of butter’s rich stash of saturated fat, which we’re warned raises our risk of heart disease...? Is it time we got our fats straight? Butter While the saturated fat that makes up the bulk of butter...
Shifting to Pattern ' A ' for Longevity by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy Increasing Saturated Fat Intake Shifts to Pattern 'A' Krauss has shown that increasing saturated fat intake and reducing carbohydrates lowers sd-LDL and shifts to Pattern 'A' ( Influence...
The Truth about Dietary Fats and Your Health by Chris .. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Saturated fats are bad too Cut back on the amount of eggs you eat The fact.... You should still avoid them whenever possible. Saturated fats, on the other hand, are a different matter...
Soy Milk Versus Cow Milk by Taylor .. Patient Expert . So now lets take a look at some of the benefits and con’s of soy and cow milk products… Saturated fat... of saturated fat that soy milk has in it. While drinking soy milk gives you 10 times the amount of fatty acids...

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Prevention ... diet Your diet should be low in saturated fat, sugar and salt, and contain plenty of fruit and v ... » Read on
Prevention ... alt is about 6g. There are two types of fat - saturated and unsaturated. You should avoid food containing satu ... » Read on