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Annette, Tai Chi is a great form of relaxation and exercise. Here is one dvd guide:    
Reduce Stress through Tai Chi by Swati S. more about reducing stress through Tai Chi by joining a class, or even renting a video. 4. Take it easy. Practice... Tai Chi is a good way to reduce stress and clear the mind. It is a great exercise...
Tai Chi for Beginners with Grandmaster William C C Chen by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional , but to those who have some understanding of Tai Chi, or Kung Fu it definitely helps. There is a loop feature that makes this video a lot..., too For those who find the DVD hard to follow, I suggest getting the companion book, “Tai Chi Chuan; Art of the 60 Movements...
Tai Chi Chuan & Okinawa Kenpo by Michele A. Patient Expert about the Tai chi chuan class offered at the gym since I joined seven months ago. I attempted my first Tai chi... learning Karate and Taekwondo but ultimately decided Tai chi chuan was the path for him. On the negative...
Video: One-on-One Coaching with a Tai Chi Master by Al S. Healthy Living Professional Have you ever wanted to work one-on-one with a Tai Chi master? I've put together a short video... currently being used to help participants become Certified Practitioners and Certified Instructors in Tai
Learning Tai Chi- What You Need to Know by Dr. Daisy S. Doctor of Chiropracty . What exactly is Tai Chi? Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chuan, or Taji Quan is a Chinese martial art... Perhaps you’ve seen or heard people talking about Tai Chi.  You might have even heard...
T'ai Chi for older people by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor T'ai Chi can help older people improve balance, which can protect them from falling and breaking... and are at increased risk for falling. T'ai Chi is a specific training program aimed at teaching people how to maintain...
The Many Benefits of Tai Chi by Nirmala N. Tai Chi is a moderate cardiovascular training exercise, which also has a significant effect on lung function. Tai Chi can beneficially alter the lipid profile, raising the possibility...
maintenance purposes.  In Mandarin the literal translation for "t'ai chi ch'uan" is the "supreme ultimate fist... on my website at Best wishes, Al An internal martial art. Tai Chi, or Taiji Chuan...
Is T'ai Chi a good sport for seniors? by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor T'ai Chi is a specific training program aimed at teaching people how to maintain balance... that apply the same forces on muscles that require far heavier forces with faster movements. So T'ai Chi strengthens muscles...

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