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RobbieD California
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Chris M. Bend, Oregon
I have Hydrocephalus, a condition of the brain where spinal fluid dosen't properly drain,... More
Rita The Giggly Bits Edmonton, CA
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jennyd82 Austin, Texas
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Is this the same cat from the question submitted 3 days ago?  What glands are you referring to? Helpful Buckeye
Hmmm . . . sorry but I'm not exactly sure what you meant to type.  Swollen glands under the left side of your chin?  And also on the right side starting from your shoulder?  Along with daily headaches
sore throats or swollen glands, muscle or joint pain, headaches, flu-like aches and/or feverish feeling... variety of different sources, including anemia, MS, lupus, and many other conditions.  A swollen lymph...
Swollen throat glands, chronic fatigue, sensitivity to light, sound, etc. by Viv Patient Expert Swollen throat glands and severe sore throats, Fatigue (sometimes chronic), fever, muscle pain... never found anything wrong with my throat but did feel my swollen glands. Tests have been taken, and nothing comes...
It may be mumps? I had it recently and it started with my jaw and ears feeling weird, tho...! Swollen lymph nodes indicate, that the body is fighting something . . . You have to definitely see...
Don't just run after subdueing the symptom. Anything on the head should be carefully examined by a physician. There are free clinics. Your body is fighting something in the area – antibiotics shouldn't be taken indiscrimina
on a liquid diet (I am still in a lot of pain).  The ER doctor said I did the right thing... with swollen inguinal lymph nodes.  At the very least, an ultrasound seems very reasonable to me, perhaps even...
Dear Sueto -   So sorry to hear about what a ordeal you've been through!   Although some of your symptoms are similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - including fatigue, sore throat, and swollen lymph...
Six Weeks Post Activation on Right Ear - Update on Left Ear by Tammy K. Patient Expert GREAT! After surgery, he had a bout with fluid build up and had to rewrap this ear. We finally...) with this ear, but have two additional programs to move up to over the next two weeks. Then after these two...
, could be from an inflammed/blocked lymph gland - although with an upper respiratory infection, it is more commonly the lymph glands around the neck that are affected. If it doesn't improve soon, a doctor's visit may be in order...

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Symptoms ... nful. This creates the characteristic 'hamster' appearance of a swollen face, particularly just below, and in front of, the ear. ... » Read on
Symptoms ... skin Glands near the infected area become swollen and tender Feve ... » Read on