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Symptoms Sore Throat Ear Ache

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hello leslie i also have this problem but it only happens while on my period for the last 9 months any ideas it lasts about 4 or 5 days then goes away  only to return the following month  any advise or thoughts would be great
Salt Water to the Rescue: Cures for Sore throat and Other Allergies Symptoms by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine managed to keep my allergy symptoms low with the use of honey in my tea and a salt water nasal flush using a netti pot. As soon as I return I gargle with salt water to reduce the itchy and sore throat...
I had these once. My ENT told my I had kryptic tonsils, meaning that they have alot of deep ridges in them. So when you eat food,  small pieces can get stuck in them and fester there. It was solved by simply gargling mouth wa
The Best Herbs to Fight Allergies & Hay Fever Symptoms: Reduce Sneezing, Congestion & Sore Throat by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine as an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine to mucous membranes of the eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, throat...
though... this inner ear thing shouldn't be gong on this long in my opinion. Thanks again! The only symptom... of my symptoms were brought on or magnified by my worry and stress. Since I've mad a habit of clearing my head...
Strep Throat (Group A Streptococci Infections) by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven Signs and Symptoms Approximately 15% of children who have a sore throat and fever are infected... degrees Celsius), with chills, body aches and loss of appetite. There also may be abdominal symptoms...
dental abscesses causing sore throats in isolation from any other symptoms, aside from feeling weak...Sore throat (or pharyngitis) is typically caused by assorted viruses.  Rarely is a sore throat...
Sore throat 411 by Denise and Alan F. Patient Expert this winter.  This week’s bug/bugs: Sore throat infections There are several viruses that cause a sore..., cough, and sometimes a sore throat. A child might run a fever at the beginning of the illness for a few...
Sore Throat by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert may range from the harmless to the potentially serious. Symptoms of Sore throat are: In case of an acute... The inflammation of the pharynx, or back of the throat is commonly known as Sore Throat...
someone who specializes in TMJ disorders. I just recently went to the oral surgeon for similar pain in my jaw & ears... cause. Hope you feel better soon! Since the symptoms are new, you could try and call your doctor...

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Symptoms ... symptom of tonsillitis is a sore throat. However, other common symptoms that you may have include: ... » Read on
Symptoms ... 6-21 days to become established (the incubation period) and the symptoms to appear. However, most people show symptoms after abo ... » Read on