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Judith L. San Luis Obispo, California
I am a mother of two, grandmother of one (and foster-grandmother of another!), who has had... More
Useinhalers Barrington, Rhode Island
An ON-Demand website for Asthma, COPD and Allergy patients. Get the most interactive... More
ColoScot California
47 year old......married for 26 years with 3 daughters (photo of eldest, pregnant)......dealing... More
Diana .. Malta, New York
I am a woman with Multiple Sclerosis who is currently retired from IT from a large corporation... More

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Signs & Symptoms of Blindness & Visual Impairment by Disease Fighter Here is a list of some of the common signs and symptoms of Blindness & Visual Impairment... Of course, these are just some of the common symptoms of Blindness & Visual Impairment. You can connect...
Agnosia, A Dementia Symptom Explained by Susan L. Patient Expert Agnosia is defined as the loss of ability to recognize objects, persons, sounds, shapes or smells even when all the basic sensory functioning is in place.  It is a complicating and confusing phenomena
that you are supposed to go to.. LOL Yes, blurred vision in one or both eyes is a common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis... and also Double Vision along with a few other symptoms that can affect the eyes with Multiple Sclerosis.  Eye...
Recent Clinical Research In The Treatment Of Concussion Symptoms Reveals Previously Unrecognized Symptoms by Len S. Patient Expert research is explaining the relationships of previously unrecognized symptoms. Information on concussions... with persistent symptoms. Terry Moore, a Guelph, Ontario Physiologist explains that his clinical research...
Does MS symptoms mean you have MS? by Living well Patient ExpertFacebook them, but if she feels similar symptoms coming on, she could take some things to prevent it from coming on as hard... in both of them because I experienced some of the same symptoms they both experienced and my findings was that I had MS. I learned...
Can Exercise Really Cure Insomnia? 5 Tips to Help You Sweat Your Way to Sleep. [Okay, gross visual. Sorry.] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Bad news: Jelly Bean has croup. (A virus characterized by a nasty cough that kind of sounds like a seal barking. Which my boys found hilarious. Which made Jelly Bean upset. Which made her cough harder.) Good news:
Any other symptoms? by Jeff W. Medical Student . And when you ask if the kid has any other symptoms, it is likely that she will reply, “No.” I get why a fake.... We should be pressing for specific symptoms once we have an idea of the diagnosis. So after taking the history...
Can "Cool" Imagery Help Menopause Symptoms? by Anita Patient Expert percent of participants visualized water associated with coolness. However, 17.6 percent pictured cool air or wind and 16.2 percent pictured cool mountains. Also 11.5 percent visualized a cool forest or...
Eat and Beat Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss The Visual Program to Prevent and Control Diabetes by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Eat and Beat Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss The Visual Program to Prevent... Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss, Dr. Howard Shapiro uses the same visual method of food...
ADHD and Balance Impairment: Visual and Inner Ear Deficiencies by Nicolas I. Patient Expert Balance dysfunctions and visual or vestibular deficiencies: Uncommon comorbids in the ADHD... derived from visual and tactile signals) and look for possible underlying causes and treatment methods...

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Symptoms ... ng is usually made worse when you move. Classical migraine symptoms (with aura) Aura means a warning sign. It is the n ... » Read on
Treatment ... there are many treatments available which can relieve the many symptoms and relapses, and may help to slow the progression of t ... » Read on