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chattey2 orlando, Florida
I am a 64yr old white female.  Diagnosed with  moderate-severe emphysema 2 yrs... More
Hollymist California
I have sarcoidosis which is an autoimmune disease which can effect any organ system in the... More
Stacy Anderson California
I'm a 30 something west coast stay at home Mom.  My husband and I have been married for about... More
I have been suffering from constant migraines for four years. I tried everything under the sun... More
Neurodoc .. San Francisco, California
I am a practicing neurologist in Florida who blogs items I have read or studied recently for my... More

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Sun Poisoning – Symptoms & Treatment by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert . Sun Poisoning and its Symptoms – A Note Even though two different terms are used to describe... from each other. What separates the two is the mere fact that in the case of the latter ( sun poison ing), the symptoms that occur...
Heat Stroke Symptoms by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert anyone with heat stroke, you will have to identify the symptoms first. Heat Stroke Symptoms Before a victim... ailments is the heat stroke… What is Heat Stroke? Very simply, a  heat stroke is the body's inability...
Sun Poisoning – So much for 'lower order needs' by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert if you're in the sun for too long, sometimes this can lead to heat stroke which proves to be fatal... to sunlight. And let's discuss it more… Sun Poisoning & its Symptoms From a medical standpoint...
Surviving a Summer Sun and Bug Uprising by Elizabeth Leis Patient Expert important to recognize the signs of heat exhaustion and to take steps to prevent heat stroke. Symptoms of heat exhaustion... effectiveness at blocking UVB rays.) Because the sun’s closer position to our hemisphere...
Stroke Symptoms Checklist by Heartstrong Registered NurseFacebook to die. Transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) consist of stroke-like symptoms, which go away shortly... from the Stroke Health Center A stroke happens when a blood vessel carrying oxygen...
Get out your notepad and jot down the symptoms of stroke by Scott Keith Patient Expert . But stroke is a different story. There are symptoms that many people are not aware of,  according... , medical symptoms , shortness of breath , stroke , stroke symptoms , symptoms ...
Heat Stroke Symptoms by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert to heatstroke. Symptoms of a heatstroke One can spot a heart stroke in two ways, by checking for physical... that emergency treatment is required when the person displays either heat stroke or the symptoms before heat...
Heat Stroke Symptoms – A List by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert as soon as possible. However, what would help if one knows what the  heat stroke symptoms are, and so here is a list. Heat Stroke Symptoms – A List There are certain pre- heat stroke symptoms that one can identify...
Do You Know You’re Having a Stroke? ~~ Symptom Awareness Can Improve Recovery by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy . When asked how they knew about stroke symptoms, nearly one-fifth said they thought a stroke... A Mayo Clinic study shows a majority of stroke patients don’t think they’re having a stroke...

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Prevention ... Avoid over-exposure to the sunlight The best way to prevent ... » Read on
Treatment ... rs. However, if the pain is severe, or you are experiencing the symptoms of a possible dangerous complication, such as chest pai ... » Read on