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HI TO ALL...  Well headaches and miagraines for about 20 years then 4 years ago the left side... More
bvossybaer California
I joined your community because I think I might be married to a disguised narcissist. I was hoping... More
DrEliaz California
Dr. Isaac Eliaz, M.D., MS., L.Ac., has been a pioneer in integrative medicine since the early... More
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I'm an Adult with ADHD (combined Type) and I have successfully reduced my symptoms naturally with... More
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There are so many C words that make your heart flutter like...couture, cashmere, or better yet... More

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Whether or not your dog has pancreatitis depends on how you define pancreatitis. If it's defined purely in terms of amylase and lipase test results, your dog has it. On the other hand, if the diagnosis...
Have you ever been affected by: Painful paroxysmal symptoms? by stuart Patient Expert Written By: Stuart Schlossman March 4, 2009 Definition: Painful paroxysmal symptoms (PPS) were defined as transient painful symptoms in any area of the body, with abrupt onset, brief duration...
OCD symptoms? This might take a while. by Laura Patient Expert If an eating disorder was preceded by OCD symptoms earlier in life, recovery may take longer: Lifetime course of eating disorders Good to know.
Heart Attack Symptoms in Women Can Appear Differently! by Ng Peng Hock Patient Expert patients, women may get symptoms quite different from these. For example, dizziness, nausea and even..., might experience atypical symptoms during a heart attack. A possible explanation is that most women suffer...
Renal Papillary Necrosis and Sickle Cell by Tosin Ola Registered NurseHealth Maven What is Renal Papillary Necrosis? Renal papillary necrosis is a disorder of the kidneys in which all or part..., radiation Diabetes mellitus Systemic vasculitis Symptoms of RPN Since with RPN the kidneys...
Are You Familiar with The Symptoms of Heart Attack? by Ng Peng Hock Patient Expert Symptoms such as nausea and pain in the jaw, chest or left arm may emerge before heart attack strikes on somebody. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of these symptoms...
Signs & Symptoms of Heart Attack by Be Well Here is a list of some of the common signs and symptoms of Heart Attack: Abnormal heartbeat..., these are just some of the common symptoms of Heart Attack. You can connect with experts and other people who have Heart Attackin...
Heart Attack Symptoms in Women – A Must Read by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor at picking up heart attack symptoms in younger women. Here are a few observations that I had: 1... have sleep apnea and have heart attacks. 2. Many women also described severe heartburn as a major symptom...
Women Do Not Have Classic Heart Attack Symptoms by Heartstrong Registered NurseFacebook attack symptoms of crushing chest pain with difficulty breathing and sweating like men.   The following are common symptoms in women: ·        Chest discomfort or sensations-women rarely describe feelings...
John Hughes Dies of Heart Attack at Age 59: Would You Know Symptoms? by Malorye Allison Healthy Living Professional , and Automobiles.” There is no word yet about whether he had obvious symptoms of heart disease.   According... body. Symptoms can include pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw or stomach...

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Symptoms ... hen cancer of the pancreas first develops, it rarely causes any symptoms. This means you may not notice any symptoms until the c ... » Read on
Treatment ... gression. In this case, your treatment will aim to relieve your symptoms and to make you as comfortable as possible. ... » Read on