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sbelmont California
I'm 38 years old and have been experiencing symptoms for nearly 5 years. Last year I was told I... More
McP California
Woman who is exasperated by GI symptoms that have knocked her out of commission.  Finding it... More
Elaine Gibson California
I fell in love with Green Technology when I tried an air purifier in December of 1996. For many... More
HarmoniWhole Jersey City, New Jersey
I am a licensed clinical social worker who has been treating children and adults for over... More
Marie / myHAUS Wellness Brooklyn , New York
My mission is to help you overcome the fear and overwhelm of living with Multiple Sclerosis, and... More

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Learn About Occupational Irritant Contact Dermatitis by Lucy J. Patient Expert . However, occupational irritant contact dermatitis occurs when you become increasingly sensitized to one irritant.... What if the only way you can earn money at work is to be exposed to your eczema trigger? Occupational irritant contact...
Some of your symptoms are those of anxiety, but some are not. While vertigo may be a component, I'm not sure it is the primary cause. I think you need to have a full medical examination with blood...
Eczema and Dermatitis: How to treat eczema and dermatitis naturally by Danny & Susan S. Health Maven Eczema and Dermatitis Two types of eczema Eczema due to external or exogenous factors (usually referred to as Contact Dermatitis) is usually treated by eliminating the irritant in the external...
Itchy Skin? Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis by Vanessa M. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven to what many of us with celiac disease have to endure if we’re one of the few to experience Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH... on the knees, elbows, scalp, back and buttocks are some of the most classic symptoms. This all may sound...
The List of Celiac Problems is LONG… by Eileen Simpson Patient Expert , Symptoms, Associated Disorders and Complications directly or indirectly resulting from celiac disease... SYSTEM SYMPTOMS IN CELIAC DISEASE Abnormal levels of blood components and quality of blood cells...
or viral infections.  Do you have any other symptoms?   Are your lumps in the muscles of your neck...
I am not a physician but when one takes any medication for a period of time, there may be some effect when you stop taking it.  Symptoms may differ from person to person so it's hard to say what one...
, rather than what should be happening to you negatively.  It sounds like you are blessed with fewer symptoms than most who share...
Only you doctor, or other health professional can authorize this. Are you near a hospital ER? Be aware that SSRIs are not all exactly the same so substituting one for another will not necessarily produce the same effect, or
Medication changes, experimenting, and negative symptoms by Jennifer aka Beautiful MInd Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook , but is those negative symptoms I was talking about here in a post a couple of days ago. So that is rather unfortunate... with negative symptoms, in many cases. And I have always just assumed I did not have negative symptoms...

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Causes ... ience dry eye syndrome in the weeks after surgery. However, the symptoms will usually clear up after a few months. Contact ... » Read on
Introduction Contact eczema is often referred to as dermatitis. It is an acute (short-term flare-up) or chronic (lon ... » Read on