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Katie'sMom California
I've been having a few nose bleeds the last 9 months.  It seems this sympton tells my vet... More
Mellanie H. Decatur, Texas
Mellanie True Hills is CEO of ( As an atrial... More
Rosadyn California
 A collaborative of rosacea sufferers who are dedicated to helping rosacea suffers like us... More
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My real name is Jean, and I am a female, age 56.  I live in northeast Ohio, and I am... More
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I am not prepared to your weird questions as it touches on Ageless Male. It is controversial.... More

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i am 28 weeks pregnant and i thought i lost my mucus plug 4 days was just a white chunk... a lot and its pink. i dont know if it was my mucus plug though....what do you all think...
Hi Cassie Sounds to me like you are passing your mucus plug, and yes it looks kinda like a snot ball.  Are you having any bleeding with this? I'd call your doctor tomorrow if you aren't...
when the corpus lutem (what is left when your body releases an egg and what produces progesterone to sustain the luteal phase) breaks down it will often appear as watery or eggwhite cervical mucus...
call your OB/GYN. Since you are overdue I believe that any pregnancy/labor related issues should bypass the interwebz and head straight for the OB highway
Preparing for Cold Season Thanks to Children’s Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold ~ $2 Off Coupon! #BlameMucus #ChildrensMucinex by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook the symptoms of stuffy nose, cough, chest congestion, and bothersome mucus and is for children aged 4-12... Children's Mucinex® Multi-Symptom Cold at hand to break up mucus and relieve your child’s worst cold symptoms...
Allergy Season and Mucus… The Season is Here by Parker Health Solutions .. Healthy Living Professional , there is an anti-inflammatory effect.  By digesting the protein plugs in the vessels around an injury, accumulated....  Proteolytic enzymes have the ability to ease the mucus production, break up the congestion and even clear...
Your vet is right in that it could definitely be food-related. Dogs are opportunistic scavenger carnivores. They need a raw meaty bone diet to thrive. Feeding your dogs the rice and veggies isn't something they need. Will th
Dear Alane98 -   You don't mention how long you've had these symptoms or whether you've..., so you should see a doctor immediately so that he or she can run tests and figure out what's behind your symptoms...
.. someome help me.  could this be pregnacy symptoms! message me an answer plz I have a similar situation... later than usual.  If you feel any other symptoms AT ALL - like vomiting or diarhea or headache...
It sounds like you could be on your way to developing a cold.  The common symptoms of a cold are sore throat, congestion in the nose and sinuses and a runny nose and sneezing.  Hoarseness and cough...

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Symptoms ... r contractions, a 'show' (when the plug of mucus sealing your cervix comes away), and ... » Read on
Treatment ... earwax is totally blocking your ear, or if any of the following symptoms are present, it may need to be removed: ... » Read on