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Elaine Gibson California
I fell in love with Green Technology when I tried an air purifier in December of 1996. For many... More
Neilncher California
All people experience a decline in testosterone levels as they age, may in spite of what they... More
Amy Buffalo, New York
To  the ladies that are reading this because they have been diagnosed or told they have some... More
Ryan G. Los Angeles, California
I am a software developer, so I spend a lot of time sitting behind a computer. I also have a very... More
Jeff Turner, DPT California
Jeff Turner, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT became a licensed physical therapist in 1986, and a credentialed... More

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No one can determine when you will conceive.  All you can do is determine when you Ovulate and make sure to have intercourse in your fertile window.  Really though, four months trying is still well within what is considere
me detect whether this are the symtoms of preganacy I am also experiencing the same symptoms... - which would happen should you miss pills. If you are two weeks before you next expected cycle then that also makes...
but rather that you engage in sexual activity) and don't use any sort of birth control and you've missed an entire period... symptoms.  Hope this helps!...
you could very well be pregnant but its hard to know as the time from ovulation and when a period is due to begin both have many of the same symptoms because of the flux of progesterone. You could take an early...
If you feel you may be pregnant and have had a tubal done then it is best to go into your physican and have them locate where the pregnancy is implanted.
well i having the same kind of problem. i was late starting my period in February so i didnt start until March 5th and now we are in April and i am late again and i took pregnancy test and it came out negative i took 3 pregna
Women Often Miss Signs of Stroke by Anthony Cirillo Patient ExpertHealth Maven to 75 can name more than two primary symptoms of stroke. The survey also found that women... of knowledge. The main symptoms of stroke are: Sudden difficulty speaking, understanding speech, or...
(: And I will let you know what my symptoms other than missing my period. I haven't had any at all before that. And sometimes you miss your period for many other reasons besides pregnancy. So I'll keep you updated on symptoms...
PE a commonly missed fatal disease by Yusuf Saleeby Medical DoctorFacebook of his symptoms and his apparent stability, thrombolytics were not initially administered. The patient's oxygen saturation and symptoms continued to improve during his hospitalization and further laboratory studies...
If you are not having symptoms other than irregular periods, there is likely no need... had nothing in between and were not suffering from menopausal symptoms.   Since then, we've moved more towards the middle swing...

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Dosage ... m. There is no need to seek medical advice and you will have no symptoms. However, if you acc ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... g the pregnancy (abortion) may be considered. Symptoms of spina bifida occulta may start in childhood, adolesc ... » Read on