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Judith L. San Luis Obispo, California
I am a mother of two, grandmother of one (and foster-grandmother of another!), who has had... More
Beyond Vitality Port of Spain, TT
Sara has always been a food enthusiast and athlete. Even as a child, she used to tell her mother... More
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bvossybaer California
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The Lengthy Symptom list for Fibromyalgia by VADiva Patient Expert ) Skin, Hair & Nail-Related Fibromyalgia Symptoms * Pronounced nail ridges * Nails that curve... tumors, ingrown hairs, heavy and splitting cuticles, adhesions) Miscellaneous Fibromyalgia Symptoms...
I am in nursing school right now and I was taught that only a Dr. can cut the toe nails of a diabetic. neither an LPN or an RN should be cutting his toe nails. LPN means licensed practical nurse...
Perimenopause Symptoms: Several Symptoms of Perimenopause Revealed! by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional Perimenopause Symptoms: Several Symptoms of Perimenopause Revealed! Article by Michael Mensa... at what perimenopause is, as well as the symptoms of perimenopause. What is perimenopause? Perimenopause...
Claire, A lot of veterinarians will tell a client to observe a growth on their dog or cat to see if it starts to get larger or starts to bother the pet.  Generally, if it starts to grow, a decision needs to be made about re
Biting my Nails by Kristen .. Patient Expert and still no symptoms. My temp is still high but hasn't taken any records. I'm thinking that if it is still high..., I am biting my nails in anticipation. Please send me babydust vibes - I need all I can get! Today...
Tips For Understanding, Preventing And Treating Ingrown Toenails by Len S. Patient Expert to ingrown toenails – which usually affect the big toe – but the nail can also grow into the flesh of the toe... too short or not straight across, thickened or dystrophic toe nails are also predisposed to ingrown toe...
Christina, Since you have found only 1 nail on each of the front paws, that pretty... at all, it might come from some type of trauma, such as your dog pawing at a fence and damaging the nail bed on 1 or 2 of her nails...
Pulse nails the lazy Mail by Garth M. Patient Expert cancer symptoms', based on an eminently reasonable Cancer Research UK report, Mail reporter Daniel Martin writes 'GPs too often miss symptoms or do not send enough patients for tests.' He goes...
Symptoms of Mycotoxicosis by Andrea Fabry Patient Expert . Our family of 11 experienced most of the symptoms listed below before connecting our illnesses with the mold... below) These are the most common symptoms of fungal exposure (bear in mind, people never fit all of below criteria). Most people...
Home Remedies For Nail Fungus That Work by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine up the surface of the toe nail, thereby causing disfiguration and discoloration of the nails. Symptoms of nail... Nail fungus, otherwise known as Onychomycosis, is caused by a group of fungus called...

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Treatment ... atrist may also use a cotton bud to push the skin fold over the ingrown nail down and away from the nail. Also to cut away any n ... » Read on
Symptoms ... t swelling alongside the nail, which may start to grow over the ingrown toenail. » Read on