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The bipolar disorder diagnosis at the age of 23 was a relief to know I was not simply a bad person... More
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I have Meniere's Disease.  My symptoms began when I was about 24.  Now 14 years later, I... More
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In early 2005, I was 28 years old and just beginning to break into a career as an opera singer.... More
cure4lupus Omaha, Nebraska and are websites designed for Lupus... More
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I've been over much of the world, and I feel like I've lived dozens of lives. Anyone else relate... More

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The Top 5 Causes Of Droopy Eyelids by Sarah B. Patient Expert eyelids that are just beginning to sag? I notice that my eyelids perk up after a nap, but I can’t sleep all of the time! The Right Brain lifts her spirits: A saggy or droopy eyelid is also called ptosis or...
Eyelid droop after Botox by AlexanderRivkinMD Patient Expert Hi, doctor. I have an eyelid droop after Botox injection between my eyebrows. Only one eye though. My left eye is half closed. How long will it take for it go back to normal...
Eyelid considerations in older adults by Brian Wolstenholme Doctor of Pharmacy along with their possible causes and treatment options. Blepharoptosis, or drooping of the eyelid, can be the result..., College of Pharmacy The eyelids of older adults can present with a multitude of conditions ranging...
Signs & Symptoms of Bell's Palsy by Be Well Drooling Expressionless face Eyelid paralysis Facial droop Facial muscle weakness Facial pain... Here is a list of some of the common signs and symptoms of Bell's Palsy: Decreased salivation...
Droopy eyelids may occur as a re ... by Dawn C. Patient Expert in the eyelid, causing the sagging or drooping. Similarly, excess skin and fat deposited in the eyebrow region... tape and eye glue can help persons with droopy eyelids too. However, if there is significant drooping...
Dana Delany, Botched Botox and Droopy Eyelids by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven particularly those that allow eyelid opening. They do hurt and patients remember them though. Eyelid droop can happen... is far more likely one of eyelid droop developing more on one side than the other over the years and Ms...
Droopy Eyelid Fix for Too Much Botox? by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven foreheads and have only had one temporary eyelid droop in ten years of using these products... of consternation I’d predict) and now she has a droopy eyelid. Her doc put her on Apraclonidine drops and she e...
35 Symptoms of Perimenopause: Dry, Itchy Skin by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional One of the most bizarre manifestations of my hormonal chaos has been the itches.  Everything itched.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  But, mostly, my head. My scalp has always given me trouble.  Meaning, I’ve always had itchy
Lid Droop and Vision | Senior Magazine by Dr. Syed L. Doctor of Dentistry the eyelids or hanging over the lid margins. Go here to see the original: Lid Droop and Vision | Senior... Many senior patients notice problems from droopy eyelids, or what the medical profession calls
Swollen eyes are a common side effect of botox.  In extreme cases such as severe allergic reactions (rash, hives, itching), bleeding at the injection site, chest pain, drooping of the upper eyelid, eyelid...

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Symptoms There are many different symptoms associated with Noonan syndrome, and few people with th ... » Read on
Symptoms ... the tears from draining properly, and they build up inside the drooping eyelid causing the eyes to weep constantly. The tears c ... » Read on