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Amy Buffalo, New York
To  the ladies that are reading this because they have been diagnosed or told they have some... More
Harold L D. Fredericton, Maine
I am the father of two boys one of whom is 12 diagnosed with Autistic Disorder and assessed with... More
BeccaSeitzLAc Portland, Oregon
I'm a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist who wants to help you not just survive, but to... More
RoO Tulsa, Oklahoma
I've been over much of the world, and I feel like I've lived dozens of lives. Anyone else relate... More
Kel US
I'm just a regular mom with a precious baby girl who was born with total colonic Hirschsprung's... More

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Can Delaying Puberty & Extending Childhood Increase Lifespan? by Al Fin .. Patient Expert , and have found a way to delay puberty in mice. By "knocking out" a specific gene, IGF-1R, researchers have both delayed puberty and maintained normal reproductive function after puberty in these knockout mice. Pubertal...
Anti-HIV drugs may protect against puberty delays in HIV-infected children by Niell A. Patient ExpertFacebook -HIV drug regimens may protect against the delays in puberty that had been seen in HIV -infected... appears to delay puberty. Among children born before 1990, more than 10 percent of HIV -positive girls...
Building a Cognitive Reserve May Help Delay Multiple Sclerosis symptoms by Alvaro F. Healthy Living Professional (WebMD) “A small study of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients shows that maintaining an intellectually active lifestyle can help preserve learning and memory, even among patients with a high degree of brain damage.” “Al
Atrazine Causes Prostate Inflammation in Male Rats and Delays Puberty by . Puberty was also delayed in the animals who received atrazine. The doses of atrazine mixture given... and to go through puberty later than non-exposed animals. The research adds to a growing body of literature on atrazine...
#autism gene AUTS2 tied to dyslexia ADHD epilepsy ID motor delay microcephaly MORE SYMPTOMS should be part of ASD DX by Harold L D. Patient Expert tied to dyslexia ADHD epilepsy ID motor delay microcephaly MORE SYMPTOMS should be part of ASD DX... and to the research necessary to develop successful evidence based interventions for autism symptoms and disorders. ...
Lupus Research Report: Reduced Growth and Delayed Puberty in Children with Lupus by Duane P. Patient Expert From our latest Lupus Research e-newsletter   Children with lupus often face unique challenges because their disease can be more severe and may require more aggressive treatments. Lupus or its treatments may have lasting
35 Symptoms of Perimenopause – Depression by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional symptoms, when those mood swings hit, it almost always began with depression.  A depression so heavy... at puberty, in pregnancy, after delivery and at menopause can produce such a wide variety of physical...
the only explaination... you could have had a delayed ovulation (which is what I mentioned in my previous reply) or.... Sounds as though you are dealin with a case of delayed ovulation- in which case you aren't actually late...
. That is correct, I upped the dose back to 10mg/day a couple times and there was no reduction in symptoms in fact... this, you have upped the dose back to 10mg/day a couple of times and there was no reduction is symptoms...
The List of Celiac Problems is LONG… by Eileen Simpson Patient Expert Dermatosis Delayed Puberty in Boys Delayed Puberty in Girls Dermatitis Herpetiformis Developmental..., Symptoms, Associated Disorders and Complications directly or indirectly resulting from celiac disease...

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Symptoms ... rn with CAIS have no external physical signs, the first obvious symptoms appear during puberty. Though androgen is normally asso ... » Read on
Complications ... You should encourage your child to remain alert to the possible symptoms of infections, such as muscle pain, or fever, and to re ... » Read on