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healthybeing St. Petersburg, Florida
Melissa’s journey towards wellness incorporated a series of natural health therapies... More
Nona J. Rome, IT
Nona Jordan is a Martha Beck trained mind-body coach and Kriplalu yoga and meditation instructor... More
kardeb York, Pennsylvania
48 years old; former insurance executive; unemployed for 1 1/2 yrs. due to opioid side effects;... More
plouisfields clemson, South Dakota
Professional athlete and health nut.  Spent 5 years very ill with every autoimmune... More
Nicole M. St. Petersburg, Florida
Hi! I am grateful to be here! I have spent my professional career in the clinical/ medical field,... More

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Multiple Sclerosis Research attn Gulf War Veterans with MS and other autoimmune m-s symptoms by stuart Patient Expert an autoimmune disease similar to multiple sclerosis in the mouse, the model animal which helps to explain... the autoimmune hypothesis. » Read More ...
Autism and AutoImmunity by Kim S. Patient Expert immune issues, autoimmunity, mercury and vaccines.   Megan has both an Autism and autoimmune diagnosis... (usually viral) accompanied by worsening behavioural symptoms and/or loss/decrease in acquired skills. This study...
The List of Celiac Problems is LONG… by Eileen Simpson Patient Expert , Symptoms, Associated Disorders and Complications directly or indirectly resulting from celiac disease... SYSTEM SYMPTOMS IN CELIAC DISEASE Abnormal levels of blood components and quality of blood cells...
Low Dose Naltrexone and Autoimmune Diseases by livingdaytodaywithmultiplesclerosis Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook also help repair the mylein sheath, that protects your nerves. As for all the symptoms, the Doctor's only can try to give medications to alleviate the symptoms but a lot do not help. Also there are so many symptoms and to different...
Autoimmune Hepatitis by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert susceptible to developing an autoimmune disorder. Symptoms Fatigue is probably the most common symptom of autoimmune hepatitis. Other symptoms include enlarged liver jaundice itching skin rashes...
Is Autism an Autoimmune Disease? by Kim S. Patient Expert findings of rapid and severe development of NC symptoms after H1N1 vaccination" Could Autoimmunity...   By Teresa Conrick Is Autism an autoimmune disease?  I think for many it evolves...
Missions 4 Monday - Autoimmune Checklist & Other Important Information by Michele W. Patient Expert List of Symptoms That Can Point to Possible Autoimmune Conditions, to Bring to the Doctor by Mary Shomon The following is a partial checklist of frequently-noticed symptoms of the most common autoimmune conditions...
Causes of Autoimmune Diseases by Carla U. Patient Expert Last time, we discussed possible reasons why more women than men develop autoimmune diseases... some possible theories for the causes of autoimmune disease, based on the gender imbalance: genetics, pregnancy...
The Vicious Truth: Vaccines, Autism, P.A.N.D.A.S. and Autoimmunity by Kim S. Patient Expert into autoimmunity, behavioral symptoms, and illness.  Here was a two part series, long but worth the read... and/or the autoimmune, downstream effect, often report similar symptoms in their very sick children.  One...

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Causes ... with the condition find that eating oats can also trigger their symptoms. If you have celiac disease, any glut ... » Read on
Introduction ... n tend to be more affected than women in older age groups. Symptoms include: fatigue (tiredness), pains in yo ... » Read on