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out.  It has a slightly longer spinous process back of the vertebrae) to be gin with but then we add forwad head posture to the equation and it appears more protruded.  Over time we start to get hunching of the upper thoracic spine...
your neck and upper back area in the meantime. It might be too painful to do any neck exercises at home... in my mid back on the right side soon after left that area straight to my neck and hasnt stoped.Thank...
The itching sensation can be caused by the alveoli (small air sacs) being collapsed due to the infection. When you breathe, the sacs open and cause the itching feeling. It is good lung hygene to focus the air toward these a
When you have such sever pain, you cannot wait for the dental office to open.  I would suggest you go to the hospital emergency room.  They will have the medications you need to start feeling better--QUICK. http://soundenti
Is this the same cat from the question submitted 3 days ago?  What glands are you referring to? Helpful Buckeye
Are Trigger Points Causing your Neck and Upper Back Pain? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook from tight muscles in her upper back, muscle spasms and tender points that she could not reach... in this muscle refer to the forehead, above the eye, into the back of the head and behind the ear...
Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain and Shoulder Pain Common in Cyclists by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook . With so many Americans bicycling injuries sustained have also risen especially neck and upper back pain... and upper back. Trigger points are hyper-irritable areas occurring as small knots in the muscles...
Sooth Upper Back Pain Using a Foam Roller by Elaine E. Healthy Living Professional can play a part in upper back and neck pain: how far away you sit from the desk, the height of the desk... in pain, so what should you do? In the meantime, let's fix up your upper back. Place the foam...
also seen neck and upper back muscles become so tight and spasm prone that it can cause shifts in the spinal...
Hi Barb, it is also a good idea to get your spine checked for alignment in the cervical () and thoracic (midback) spine area. A chiropractor can check you out for this.  Hope this helps   Nav  

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