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Hmmm . . . sorry but I'm not exactly sure what you meant to type.  Swollen glands under the left side of your chin?  And also on the right side starting from your shoulder?  Along with daily headaches...
.  However, swollen lymph nodes in the groin area are not typically associated...
! Swollen lymph nodes indicate, that the body is fighting something . . . You have to definitely see...
/you.  If you're hurting and noticeably so during a pelvic exam, then everything can't look "good" and you can't... with swollen inguinal lymph nodes.  At the very least, an ultrasound seems very reasonable to me, perhaps even...
It is possible that a sunburn can cause swollen glads, but it's not likely.  Your swollen glads... blistering.  If a large area of skin has been exposed, a sunburn can cause headache, fever, nausea
Two possibilities come to mind immediately, either an infection of a hair follicle (especially common if you shave in that area) known as folliculitis, or a swollen lymph node (or gland) representing...
sore throats or swollen glands, muscle or joint pain, headaches, flu-like aches and/or feverish feeling... variety of different sources, including anemia, MS, lupus, and many other conditions.  A swollen lymph...
to be aspirated multiple times. Your swollen lymph nodes may also be a sign of infection brewing at the site...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven swollen glands in under left of chin and up from right should (2 different areas) and daily headaches starting around 11am which Follow @alvinblin
Don't just run after subdueing the symptom. Anything on the head should be carefully examined by a physician. There are free clinics. Your body is fighting something in the area – antibiotics shouldn't...

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Complications ... ollowing an infection. The inflammation makes the testicle hot, swollen and extremely tender, and it can lead to an accumulation ... » Read on
Symptoms ... in their eyes during the first 1-14 days. The eyes are red and swollen, with a thick pus-like discharge . ... » Read on