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Balanced Bites San Francisco, California
My Philosophy Does an animal in the woods need a specific education to teach... More
starskykat-686 California
What about me? Its hard to put it in detail. Mother of 3,  so lucky to have such beautiful,... More
Robin A. Palo Alto, California
I'm a clinical psychologist and I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, working out at the gym,... More
Martha R. Palo Alto, California
I work out three times a week at the Y.M.C.A. in E. Palo Alto, CA. I have lost 30 pounds in a... More

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Awake in Leeds at 7:10 in the morning and itching to talk by Michael Gerber by Ann H. Patient Expert from his hotel room in Leeds last Friday morning: I have so much to say and so little time to say...
If it were my middle finger, yes, I'd worry.  Did you traumatize it?  In other words, bang... up just about anywhere.  Since I can't think of a benign reason for your middle finger (or any, for that matter) to turn purple, I'd...
& feet are swollen, too, then obviously you're retaining fluid.  The big question is why?  If your liver...
The reason for the swelling may be twofold. Both his work on the computer and piping may cause the repetitive stress (and strain) syndrome, which manifests as swelling and pain. The same strain on the hand may cause arthriti
. Do you have high blood pressure? Is it swolen every morning or just sometimes? I can tell you from my own experience my face sweels in the morning mostly from allergies. I sneeze, wheeze and after I sit upright...
I'm not a physician but have dealt with swellings of my own or my sons - even my dog :D.  If you are otherwise healhty it may have been an insect bite or an allergic reaction to  some food you ate.  Also - our bodies are not
The drops were obviously not the right thing to put in your eyes. I think, a luke warm chamomile bath, i.e. gauze pads soaked in chamomile tea (lightly squeezed out) put on closed eyes while lying down, may help, certainly n
If this is a significant and ongoing problem, you may wish to ask for a referral for evaluation by a rheumatologist to help you figure out the cause. Good luck!
Taking a rest from running is good. When you return to running, do half the distance at a comfortable pace. Follow the 10% rule in increasing distance or speed. Follow heavy/light schedule of runs to give your body at least 4
This Morning I Swam... by Tri Mommy Healthy Living Professional Other than some swelling yesterday evening and minor pain, pain last night and this morning... is appearing to take a little bit of mercy on me. This morning I ignored the imploring calls...

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Symptoms ... becomes inflamed, leaving the skin over the joint warm, red and swollen. Loss of appeti ... » Read on
Symptoms ... . Your fingers may become stiff, painful, and swollen and you may develop bumps on your finger joints. However ... » Read on