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Jason Adams California
My blog may be benefecial to some parents; I am posting real-time as experienced daily... More
natashatygart California
A profile of an art, designer and a web enthusiast, who is passionate about all things design... More
cavittfaucett California
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Stephanie P. California
I am both a mental health consumer and a zealous advocate. I am the editor in chief of Volte_face... More
Paul San Diego, California
Although it does not define who I am it has shaped my life for the past decade. The... More

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I'm not a physician but have dealt with swellings of my own or my sons - even my dog :D.  If you are otherwise healhty it may have been an insect bite or an allergic reaction to  some food you ate.  Also - our bodies are not
just sometimes? I can tell you from my own experience my face sweels in the morning mostly from allergies. I sneeze, wheeze and after I sit upright...
  What part of your son's body got sunburned?     Swelling is a common side effect of sunburns.  Try applying damp clothes to his face to help reduce pain.   
Oh my SUN! by Romelette L. Patient Expert to Johnson. But still my whole body really is suffering from the sun. I think it’s time to used Oilatum... is. Even my face is suffering. I just wished that the little girl did not inherit my sensitive skin...
Turning Your Face to the Sun by Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. Patient Expert and turning your face to the sun - can be found. Much of this has to do with meaning... skies and a sun that blazed with fiery warmth, even in January. And so this greyness...
Vancouver Sun - The Many Faces of Autism by Harold L D. Patient Expert disorder and other related disorders eg. PDD-NOS, Aspergers. There are many faces of autism, many different characteristics. The Vancouver Sun has published a balanced and understandable overview of autism...
Vancouver Sun's Faces of Autism: Still the Most Honest Media Presentation of Autism by Harold L D. Patient Expert on this site in the past is the Vancouver Sun with its six part series Faces of Autism .  I mention... the challenges facing the family members and others who care for and love them.  The Vancouver Sun, columnist...
The wind in my hair, the sun on my face by Bella C Patient Expert …and spending the day with my sister, riding bikes in Half Moon Bay.  Does it get any better? What an awesome Saturday I had today!  Not only did I get to spend the day with my sister, but we got in a ton of exercise, bik
Turning Your Face to the Sun by Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. Patient Expert What brings excitement into your life? What gets you going when you think about it? What makes you sing to an inner tune and want to dance with joy? Are you looking at me with surprise? Could it be that there is no su
My red faced glowed like a thousand splendid suns by Laurachora Patient ExpertFacebook On Saturday morning I may have been snoozing at home when the children told me there was a man at the door. I went to the door to find local delivery man, Mr Beanie Hat, standing on the doorstep with a parcel. Brief pleas

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Symptoms ... nful. This creates the characteristic 'hamster' appearance of a swollen face, particularly just below, and in front of, the ear. ... » Read on
Symptoms ... zziness or feeling faint, difficulty swallowing, or a swollen face or mouth. Call 911 for an ambulance immedia ... » Read on