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- thus it stays swollen.  I'm not so sure about the "hot to the touch" though as I'm worried about a possible...
One Foot In, One Foot Out (In Honor of the 20th Anniversary of The Joy Luck Club) by Women's Work Patient Expert I have no Asian family.   I have no Asian family tree...not a branch, not a twig, not even a leaf.   I have no Asian roots.     All I have is my Asian face.   Still, I am an unlikely first-generation immigrant of sort
your family physician for further evaluation of the new red dots along with your swollen foot.....  Perhaps you have an infection?  Did you drop anything on your foot?  Kick anything?  It's possible to have a (stress) fracture...
Hmmm . . . I'm not clear as to your question.  If your pain has decreased, then great news!  If you're not completely recovered, then I'd recommend going back to see your family physician for further evaluation.  Or if you ha
Your shoes may need replacing. Most runners replace their shoes after 400-500 miles. When you're not running, avoid wearing high heals (they put more pressure on your toes). Try Metatarsal pads in your shoes. Be sure your sho
Don't walk more than you need to for a while. Put ice on it to reduce the swelling. Then put heat on it to increase blood flow to the foot. It will take time to heal.
Pain in any part of our body is a signal to us to pay attention. You may have stepped in an awkward way without realizing, preoccupied with the baby as you are. The signal is to pay attention to your own well-being. Exercise,
Golden Gate Triathlon Club Trail Runs by Rock G. Patient Expert That's a mouthful but yes our Triathlon club has resumed it's weekend trail runs with J.P...., I'd never been so I was game. Place was packed. Met more of J.P.'s friends, folks from the club...
could be one of many pathologies, one including infection, he should see his Dr I am not a physician - what you describe should be looked at by a medical provider who best knows your faher and his medical history.
Still Swollen by Ashley's Mom Patient Expert About two and a half weeks ago, I noticed Ashley's right ankle and foot were very swollen... and foot under anesthesia. During that visit, the doctor had also ordered some blood work...

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Complications ... ple, they may: have a very swollen abdomen, which can cause complications during the birth, ... » Read on
Introduction ... e foot pointing downwards and inwards. In 50% of cases both the feet are affected (bilateral). Talipes is sometimes called 'club ... » Read on