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on your body than your running does. One way to get more rest is to take a day off from exercising. Another way is to exercising at a lower level, such as running half the distance and/or running slower. Light crosstraining...
to your own well-being. Exercise, lie down with your feet higher than your head, several times a day for 10 minutes... is still in a great flux, since you are breast feeding. Beside the minor ankle injury, it could be a symptom...
Hello, While I cannot speak to the connection between swollen joints and your sense of thirst, if there is one, swollen joints are the beginning of an arthritis. In the beginning stages cortizon injections...
Swollen ankles... by groovychik007 Patient ExpertFacebook I've been to the GP today about my swollen ankles. She agrees that it is water retesion and told me some things to do to help it such as just rotating the ankle a few times a day, go for a short walk...
Improve Ankle Strength and Flexibility with This Easy Foot Fitness Exercise: Ankle Circles by Aliesa George Patient Expert your ankle circles with a straight leg to the ceiling. Hope you’ve enjoyed this Fantastic Feet exercise... incorporating ankle circles into your exercise program, and enjoy the benefits of stronger more flexible ankles...
It's not clear to me how long this has been happening.  Any previous trauma?  Any prior blood clots?  Varicose veins?  Infections?  Travel to impoverished countries?  New medicines?  Amlodipine and other calcium channel block
and especially in an urgent care facility or emergency room, we use the Ottawa ankle/foot rules to determine who needs an xray... of concern.  However, an inability to put your full body weight on the affected foot/ankle for at least 4...
so that her heart can beat just wee bit faster, say at least 60bpm.     The swelling in her right ankle...
Dear Sereon, I'm not sure if you were asking if this is a symptom of menopause or not.  I haven't heard that swollen knees and ankles are any part of the menopause transition and without more info...
Thanks .... we did get to the good doc and he is now in physio for 3 to 4 weeks.  He managed to tear the inferior Extensor Retinaculum.   He will be back running and playing hockey in no time.  Good question. I'm sorry, but

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Symptoms ... of damage to the kidneys, glomerulonephritis can cause: swollen ankles, a puffy face, problems breathing, ... » Read on
Treatment ... shed face, headaches, swollen ankles, dizziness, ... » Read on