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Michaela J. Chicago, Illinois
Suffering and the doctors don't know what's wrong with me. I was diagnoised with gerd years ago,... More
Cynergy Diva California
I'm diabetic fat and 48.  I've been thinking that it's high time I get a grip and get my... More
songbird72 California
I am 60, 5'6", 267 lbs.  Have bad lower back pain, impinged nerve from c-6 vertebrae... More
gavin f. oakland, California
I mostly climb @ Ironworks now, sometimes go back to Missions Cliffs. I'm trying to lead as much... More

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is still in a great flux, since you are breast feeding. Beside the minor ankle injury, it could be a symptom...
have no color but hurt like a bruise and there about an inch in diameter.  I only have them on my ankles/ shins...I was diagnosed several years ago with Valley Fever(coccidomycosis) and I had red sore knots...
I'm itchy, my ankles hurt and I ... by Ladybugs12 Patient Expert I'm itchy, my ankles hurt and I don't have an actual post in me. Tomorrow I will tell you how my parents and my uncle came to spend the day with me today and we FINISHED THE BABY'S NURSERY. Oh hell...
What To Do When You Get Injured Exercising [Good Sore Versus Bad Sore] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert and gasp as his sock is covered in oozy bright red blood, nearly to his ankle. Bobby seems unperturbed... you are, at least try and rest the affected part. If your shins hurt (aHEM), try swimming or bike riding...
Got Ouchy Shins? by RunnerDude Healthy Living Professional , soreness, or swelling is felt on the outside or lateral side of the shin. This is called lateral tibial... the tibialis anterior causing inflammation resulting in soreness.  So what do you do if you have shin splints...
Good Home Remedies for an Itchy Scalp by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine , eczema and others can lead to dryness, crusting, irritation, sores and uncomfortable embarrassment... or Inflammation Your scalp can become irritated and actually feel sore and painful...
Itchy Skin? Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis by Vanessa M. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven We all hate to be itchy. Every time I get a bug bite, I scratch my skin until it bleeds because I can’t stand the itchiness! But a bug bite is a small and almost inconsequential ailment compared to what many of us with celi
Eczema is an itchy, red rash tha... by Rev. Dr. Richard B. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Eczema is an itchy, red rash that varies in size from a small patch of affected dry skin to larger portions of the body. Originating at any age and capable of persisting into adulthood, eczema is one of the most chronic ski
25K Training – Week 12 – Shin Splints and Cold Weather by Todd S. Healthy Living Professional but my shins, though sore, at least aren’t throbbing at this point. I guess I’ll take tomorrow off or maybe... with some rather severe shin pain that stayed with me through Thursdays 7.5 miler. I hadn’t fought with severe shin...
Zensah Shin Sleeves - the right size! by Kelownagurl Patient Expert A couple of years ago, I bought a pair of Zensah shin sleeves. Although I've seen compression... and as well as helping to stave off the shin splints that so often plague me. When I first bought...

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Treatment ... Verapamil - constipation, low blood pressure, ankle swelling, heart failure. ... » Read on
Treatment ... etics Diuretics help to relieve ankle swelling and breathlessness caused by heart failure. They ... » Read on