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Swelling Gums

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Carole S. Barnstaple, UK
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somatic Cambridge, Massachusetts
Hello, I am a Feldenkrais practitioner and also Bones for Life teacher/trainer.  The... More
Spirited Lady Living Coeur d Alene, Idaho
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swellness Nashville, Tennessee
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Xylitol Gum california, California

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When you have such sever pain, you cannot wait for the dental office to open.  I would suggest you go to the hospital emergency room.  They will have the medications you need to start feeling better--QUICK. http://soundenti
You need to take your daughter to her pediatrician for evaluation and treatment.  Your description seems to indicate that this is generalized throughout her mouth--a tooth abscess would be confined to the localized area arou
Inflamed gums, heart disease linked by Invisalign topdentist of your dentist, for a new study has revealed a link between inflamed gums and heart disease. Scientists... have found that infected gums may be one place. Indeed, proper dental hygiene should reduce the risk of atherosclerosis...
swelling and soreness could  be the sign of residual infection or bone fragments that need professional...
Yes - she should see a doctor/dentist immediatly - a fairly common infection with fever/swolen gums that affects normaly healthy but streesed out college age kids could be something called ANUG...
NYU Dental Researchers Find Link Between Gum Inflammation and Alzheimer's disease by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert ? How many times? Did you know that gum disease can increase the risk of cognitive impairment? What is the condition of the gums and teeth of the person you know suffering from Alzheimer's disease? Narly...
Any new sensation in your gums (which normally render no "feeling" at all) should be taken as a reason to examine the gums more closely.  In the absence of a nerve problem, I would suspect...
When you have a prolonged period of healing and residual bleeding swelling and inflammation as denoted by the redness, this should be the occasion of return visit with your surgeon to double-check...
. If you are experiencing this, then gum irritation may be causing the swelling. Ian ...thank you for your advice. Swollen gums is not a listed side effect, but I suggest you consult
Gum Disease and Pregnancy (Guest Post) by BreastFeedingMums .. Patient Expert swelling and bleeding of the gums in an otherwise healthy mouth. While annoying, this isn't a problem for most women as long as they continue regular dental care. However, for a woman with gum disease...

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