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rawprincess Portland, Oregon
I'm excited about raw foods.   Just ran my first 5K   I'm a Biodynamic... More
Orekip California
Hi! I'm Orekip and I'm 19 years old. I've been obese for about 4 years now and overweight for as... More
Ryanernedly California
Weight loss has become a serious concern for many and folks are actually trying their heart out... More
Heartsaflutter California
I am a 52 year old female with rapidly declining health.  I was diagnosed with probable MS... More
Crystal California
What kind of pain are you in because of repeated patterns and scenarios in your life? Do... More

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Obesity Drug Swells Up in Your Stomach To Make You Feel Full – Passes First Trial by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven as you can see in the pictures below, it swells up.  The drug is made from all food type products to it looks..., so they release the water, and they can travel with the food to the small intestine. The particle can re-swell...
Avoiding Tummy Tuck Swell Hell. by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Tummy Tuck “Swell Hell.” This refers to the tendency of patients after tummy tuck surgery to swell... is done. Swelling after surgery often follows with the degree of trauma the tissue sustains. Swell Hell...
GAO Report on For-Profit Nursing Homes: Deficiencies Swell, Direct Care Staffing Declines, Profit Margins Soar For Investors by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven continue to spike in these homes” Findings showed that overall deficiencies swelled, direct care...
The Kidney Swells by Nathan M. Patient Expert out excess fluid and waste from your blood stream. My cysts were bleeding into each other, causing the kidney to swell up. And, as the IV fluids and blood was being put into me, it helped my kidney swell...
As my symptoms surged and swelle... by Kim F. Patient Expert As my symptoms surged and swelled these past two weeks, an old symptom paid a new visit.   In fact, this was a symptom that began years ago, and would disappear and come back...
Hemorrhoids can be thought of as a weakening in the tissue supporting/surrounding the blood vessel.  Therefore, these blood vessels can pooch out when one applies underlying pressure.  When this weakness is in the colon leadi
was swelling and if any other health problems exsist.  The most common reason for swelling or "enlargement... really be "swelling" so much as "thickening").  Sometimes people don't know thay have high blood pressure, so it goes...
It's possible his problem is alcoholic neuropathy, which is damage to the nerves that results from excessive drinking of alcohol. Here is a good resource for more information on this condition, http
Viruses and some chemotherapies can lead to cardiomyopathies.  So can blocked arteries which damage the wall of the heart and weaken it.  Regardless, the patient ends up with heart failure which means the heart is not as effi
When your eyes just swell with tears of pride by Jan Patient Expert When Nash was small, ok, smaller, about "Gymboree" size, I often wondered how he would do in gymnastics. I was a gymnast until 2nd year in college when I found a social life. So with my interest, and Nash's flexibilit

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When it should be done ... hese include painful menstruation, brittle bones, incontinence, swelling in the body caused by an excess of fluid (edema) and pe ... » Read on
Treatment ... y in your nose (nasal decongestants). They work by reducing the swelling in the passageways of your nose and help to ease breath ... » Read on