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sweety California
Hi my name is Sherryann i and from Trinidad . I work in an internet cafe, i manage the... More
theladiikatiie Spencer, Massachusetts
my name is katie. Im a very outgoing person. i love being outside and with friends. love animals... More
katie80 California
My name is Katie and I just want to get healthier in every way, body and mind.
autismgirl85 California
My name is Kristi Martin and I have autism and I'm looking for a real nice Christian guy with... More
BGE California
BGE went back to the drawing board on smart meters and just lately submitted anew improved... More

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A Blog, by Any Other Name, Is Not as Sweet by Jim Gerl Patient Expert In telling some of my friends about this blog, I've had a realization. The use of blogs is age sensitive. Most people my age are uncomfortable with blogs. Many have never read a blog at all. Some do not know what a blog
Would veal by any other name still taste as sweet? by Sara Faivre-Davis Patient Expert About six weeks ago, Wild Type Ranch (our family business) harvested its first European-style, pasture-raised, milk-and-grass-fed veal.  It’s been a lesson in the workings of ag-bureauracracy. 99% or more of the veal harveste
A Farmer Named Sue, A Weimeraner Named Rose, Two Sheep Named Cecil and Sam, and a Shout-out to Hollywood by Pattie B. Patient Expert parties on Saturday and two on Sunday this weekend), and I settled in with a Weimeraner named Rose... (and What That Has to Do with My Lawn and Farmer Sue) (oh, that one kicks off with a really sweet photo) A Positive Direction...
All About Sugar: The Sweet and Not So Sweet by Martha M. Healthy Living Professional addiction? As humans, it’s natural to love sweet things. Throughout millions of years of evolution, we have been programmed to desire sweet tasting foods. And before the introduction of sugar into our food supply...
The Name Above All Names by Take Root and Write .. Patient Expert . It is the name of Jesus that will forever be our banner in battle, in victory, in sweet retreat, and in triumph... had never been preached, where we can have an eternal impact on men, women, and children who have never heard the name...
Your Little Sweet Pea: A Sweet Review and GIVEAWAY by Alyson .. Patient Expert As you can tell by the name of my blogs, we are all about P's at our house. Anywhere that I see the words 'Pea' or 'Sweet Pea', it instantly catches my eye. The Your Little Sweet Pea On-line Boutique...
Sweet Potato for My Sweetheart: Spiked Sweet Potato Truffles or Truffle Cups by Ricki H. Patient Expert ).  They’re a healthy vegetable.  They’re orange.  They’re sweet.  And their name sounds like a term... at its core.  You’d think I’d give up on sweets with veggies in them.  But no. . . As I’m sure I’ve...
Assorted Milk & Pure Ghee Sweets from Sri Krishna Sweets, Chennai by Niyaprakash Patient Expert to other sweet shops like SreeMithai, AdayarAnandaBhavan, ParwathiBhavan, Ganga Sweets etc to name a few... Can one think of Diwali without sweets?. My answer is NO. Next Question - What comes to mind...
Living the Sweet Life: My Ode to SweetGreen by Gena Patient Expert of fine dining ( Nora’s , Firefly , and Oyamel , to name a few), but I really urge you to check Sweet... DC eatery: SweetGreen . “Favorite eatery” is a big title, but let’s remember: I am a salad junkie...
an open letter to my sweet, sweet Asher. by Heather Heywood Patient Expert sigh. oh, my sweet boy, i just love you so much. i love your smile and your belly laugh... where you came up with that name, but when i kiss you on the cheek, you wipe it off and rub it on your chest and say...

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