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Jif California
My name is Jeffrey Holliday and I am a Marine Gunnery Sergeant. I have a confession to make... More
L Narayani G. santa cruz, California
1992, Lara Narayani began to spiritually awake after practicing prayer, chant, Yoga and... More
Mella Annapolis, Maryland
I’m a 20-something Maryland girl, an only child, army-brat, raised by a single mom. And... More
James M. Pontiac, Michigan
Hi! I'm tired of getting winded walking up the stairs or breaking out in a sweat doing the... More
migillad jacksonville, Florida
 was  in the hospital for 3 days for blood clots in my leg and goin area. they put me on... More

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Sweat much?? by Tri to Be Funny Patient Expert There was so much sweat and salt caked on me, I'm pretty sure my tri kit could get up and walk away on its own after the race this weekend! Overall time 5:32:00 15th out of 99 in age group...
The Truth about Sweat by Brett - Sheer Balance Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven to the underarms instead of the whole body. When the water in the sweat evaporates, it leaves the salts (sodium... your muscles with various forms of exercise. The repeated ’sweats’ that most menopausal women face...
Experiments with Sodium Control by Samiir H. Patient ExpertFacebook same amount of sweat and sodium loss so just before a winter trek the best level would be around 139... while starting the process and he told me about the sodium etc. I understood that a combination of sodium...
Is sweat bad for your scalp and hair? by Sarah B. Patient Expert .) Both glands produce sweat that consists of water and minerals (or salts). Specifically, sweat contains sodium... of these potentially damaging salts? The Beauty Brains respond:  Before we talk about sweat removal let’s...
How a Sweat Test Works by Lauren B. Patient Expert for severe dehydration. Doctors treating the patients hypothesized that something about the sweat of a CF patient was abnormal. To test this hypothesis, the sweat test was developed. Medical professionals...
Kick the Can to Lower Your Sodium Intake by Carolyn C. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Recently the Institute of Medicine issued a new report regarding the issue of sodium consumption... of sodium it permits food manufacturers and restaurants to add to their foods, beverages and meals...
The Inside Scoop on Sweat and Exercise – Part II by Carolyn C. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven In my previous post I wrote about the importance of perspiration and how sweating is your body’s... to the heat by learning to sweat sooner, excreting fewer electrolytes. It takes approximately six to 10 days...
Sweat Rate by Dr. Heather S. Medical Doctor It was suggested that I calculate just how much I sweat in an hour. I decided to do this today... like me are at risk of hyponatremia , a too low sodium concentration in the blood from drinking more fluid...
Sugar and Sodium by Marni R. Healthy Living Professional as exercising in the heat, you are depleting both sodium and electrolyte stores when sweating. The concern... me for questions regarding to sodium and sugar. My good friend Ange (
Analysis of my marathon nutrition shows too much sodium, not enough potassium. Need to change the ratio to stop marathon cramps. by Kevin L. Patient Expert .” Because you lose 10 times more sodium than potassium through sweat, potassium also works to conserve sodium... getting enough calories from carbohydrates and other nutrients such as sodium, iron, and potassium...

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Prevention ... increased if you are exercising in warm conditions, as you will sweat more and fluid will be lost from your body more rapidly. Y ... » Read on
Causes ... aused by not drinking enough fluid, or by losing fluid (through sweat, tears, vomiting, urine and stools) and not replacing it. ... » Read on