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Dr. Scott Rash Spindale, North Carolina
Dr. Rash graduated from Life University in 1998 where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic.... More
Mark Pegram California
I am educated as a mechanical engineer and currently engaged in representing packaging equipment... More
Dr. Lewis Cone California
“I invite you to the Nutritional Healing Center.  Dr. Lewis Cone employs traditional... More
NaSun C. Stanford, California

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The Lupus Butterfly Rash or Malar Rash: Information You Need to Know. by Molly Patient Expert of the root causes behind malar or butterfly rash.          Overexposure to harmful rays of the sun.... Again, sun exposure usually worsens this rash, and it can appear on the face, chest, and arms...
Sun Poison: Incurring the wrath of the Sun God… by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Introduction Almost every culture in the history of mankind has revered the Sun... to revere the magnificence, benevolence and radiance of the sun in their day-to-day living...
Rashes..GO AWAY! by Romelette L. Patient Expert I have a love – hate relationship with the sun. I love it because it means lots of fun..., the rashes are back with a vengeance. I am red all over and it’s so itchy. I have the malar rash...
Oh my SUN! by Romelette L. Patient Expert The rashes are still here. And getting itchy everyday. I have switched soap again…from Dove to Johnson. But still my whole body really is suffering from the sun. I think it’s time to used Oilatum...
What Does Gardening And The Sun Have To Do With Acne Treatment? by Fran K. Patient Expert I’ve been very excited to show you my spiral garden that Brendan and Suki from ROAR food built for me. I’ve always wanted a vegetable garden so when I moved into this beautiful house with it’s massive garden, finally I coul
? Sounds like a malar butterfly rash. Even if in remission you should always protect your self from the sun with clothing, hats, and sunscreen. Being in the sun is damaging to lupus patients. It's what cause those auto
There are numerous possibilities for the rash you describe.  If it's been there for some time it could even be damage from exposure to the sun.  Another possibility is an allergic reaction
Sun Exposure May Trigger Auto Immune Disease in Women by MedNews Patient Expert rashes, instead of the form called polymyositis that does not have a rash,” said Frederick W. Miller... accompanied by a distinctive reddish-purple rash on the upper eyelids or over the knuckles...
Does diaper rash cream make a good sunscreen? by Sarah B. Patient Expert yet what I use is baby dipper rash cream) a good enough sun protection? The Beauty Brains respond: Zinc oxide is indeed an excellent protectant from the rays of the sun. It’s also true that diaper rash creams contain zinc oxide...
Sun Exposure May Trigger Certain Autoimmune Diseases in Women by , which weakens the muscles and causes distinctive rashes, instead of the form called polymyositis that does not have a rash,” said Frederick W. Miller, M.D., Ph.D., chief of the Environmental Autoimmunity Group, Program...

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