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Sum Of Squares

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Carol M. New York, New York
Long story short - I joined Weight Watchers on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 after deciding that I... More
Grayioci California
Ageless Male will do your karma good. It is how to spot an authentic Ageless Male. Ageless Male... More
Nancy T. Saint Michaels, Maryland
Tri-mom Squared, aka The Nancinator: I'm a back of the pack triathlete and a 51-year-old full-time... More
The Dream Runner weblog documents the running activities and adventures of a running enthusiast... More

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The History of Least Squares by Jason S. Patient Expert .  Legendre extended Laplace’s second condition to minimize the sum of the squared errors... of least squares, but Stigler credits Legendre with the invention of least squares.  Legendre...
Square by Square by Sarah M. Patient Expert either - just square by square, nice and gently until he is stable enough to come home again. ...
Get Sum Dim Sum by funwithyourfood Patient Expert First of all, get your laughs out with the name now.  This is serious dim sum here and I don’t... here. Done now?  Good. Let’s move on to the food. Follow these steps to fresh dim sum. This chili oil was spicy...
Sum...sum...summertime by Pharmacy God .. Healthy Living Professional I know it's summer. I know that people have things to do right after work and they can't always get to the pharmacy on time. But twenty minutes after closing, give me a break. I know, what am I doing in the pharmacy 20 mi
Sum sum summertime by Jill F. Patient Expert Its been too hot to do much besides hide in my room (we don't have central air, just AC in the bedrooms) the last week or so. I haven't attempted the macarons. I've cooked very little. I did make a perfect steak yesterd
Yoga in Times Square by Stephanie B. This is an interesting article about a group of people practicing yoga in the middle of Times Square. I think this is an interesting project and would love to see it; I'm not quite sure if I'd want...
sleep these days..n i shoud start sum vitamins tablets... will u sugest me to start sum vit tab...
Approximately 30% of children with autism have seizures.  Often seizure treatments involve medications which can cause speech delays and make treatment of autism more difficult. I'm not sure how having a seizure disorder play
if it's thursday, this must be paeds. and emerg. and cardio. by Heather Heywood Patient Expert . in fact, i think there's only one word which properly sums up today: ugh. with a capital UGH.... and so, to sum up, ugh. btw, i just realized i didn't post about our immuno clinic last week. so here's...
never back to square one by Dr. Johanna Marie McShane Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Here's something helpful to remember: you're never back to square one. It's actually not possible to be back at square one. That's because we keep moving forward all the time.  Meg...

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